Metafi Yielders Review: Is Scam or Legit?

Metafi Yielders fails to disclose who owns or runs the website. The platform was privately registered in March 2022, and it purports to offer ‘profitable Crypto investment packages’. promises a daily ROI of 1% to 3.3% for 30 days. This continues until total net is between 30% to 90%. It’s not clear whether this site will return your original deposit.

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The truth is that Metafi Yielders is a ponzi scheme and not a legitimate investment platform as purported. They provide an Australian address on their website but no phone numbers either. We’re not even sure whether this address is the real location of this company.

Metafi Yielders ( Review

The anonymous owners of MetafiYielders intend to lure investors using a site that is professionally designed and is pleasing to the eye.

Of all the ponzi schemes we’ve seen in recent times, this one beats them all in terms of design and persuasive ability.

Metafi Yielders even provides a ROI calculator which purports to double your investments in 30 days.

The return seems to be too good to be true, which is consistent with ponzi schemes such as Masterworks Investment ltd.

And they also have a promotion video on the website. The video purports that the company, its business activities and location is real. The person claims to be one of the team members in the video. They even dare investors to book an appointment so that they can have a real meeting in a phyiscal place.

All of this makes Metafi Yielders look legitimate as they show some level of transparency by daring to meet investors in a physical place.

How sure are we that Metafi Yielders is investing our money in Cryptocurrencies?

The website claims that they’re investing money on Cryptocurrencies and are also allowing members to stake for profits.

They also claim that there is no risk to this kind of investing, which makes us wonder how that is possible.

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The platform does not show us any evidence of their investing in Cryptocurrencies. There’s no proof of their trades, which begs the question of how they’re still ‘generating up to 3.3%’ daily returns.

The truth about MetafiYielders

This website represents the most basic form of a ponzi scheme. The only thing that makes it look legitimate is the design of their website which gives the illusion that they are trading and investing in Crypto.

The math behind ponzi schemes guarantee that the outcome will be bad for investors who initially thought the website was investing their money in Crypto.

The outcome is that the website will collapse once it is not able to make payouts due to the number of new members dwindling or falling.

They depend on new deposits to pay withdrawal requests. They are not trading Crypto so the only ‘means of income’ is from new deposits.

Ultimately, Metafi Yielders will collapse and run away with some of their investors’ money.

How to recover your money if you have been scammed by Metafi Yielders

I understand that a scam like Metafi Yielders can easily steal huge amounts of money from its victims.

The good news is that you don’t have to suffer financial damage if you can request for a chargeback.

You just need to fill in the form at the beginning of this review or use the chargeback verification livechat down below.

The Conclusion

Metafi Yielders is not legitimately investing in Cryptocurrencies. It is not doing what hedge funds do to generate returns. Instead, it is collecting deposits and paying out the first few investors based on new deposits.

Not only is this illegal, but the way we view it is that it is a scam. MetafiYielders does not even have a license to prove that they are offering legal securities.

This means that if you ‘invest’ with them, you will lose your money (assuming you don’t pursue the chargeback process to get what you’ve lost back).

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    Hi admin, thank you for this, it was helpful

  2. i think it is legit but comes off as a opinion though

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