Quwiex.com Review: A Scam with many Victims

Quwiex.com is a ponzi scheme masquerading as a legit investment platform. Nevertheless, they fail to meeting the minumum threshold for inclusion into our list of the most reliable trading and investment resources.

Because of their fraudulent business strategy, Quwiex is going ahead to invite unsuspecting victims who sign up and make deposits believing their money will be converted into “quick profits in 24 hours”.

These profits are supposedly coming from various trading strategies and instruments which they claim to trade. This can be confirmed from another promotional YouTube video that was posted by the owners pretending to be a happy customer.

This individual falsely claimed that Quwiex is investing in Forex pairs and implements volatility trading, basket trading and arbitration. However, the platform does not produce sufficient evidence of the same.

The video further claims that Quwiex has 1,250 employees across the world. This does not sound true as scam sites that run ponzi scheme business model rarely work in a big team.

Furthermore, Quwiex is advertising their illegal service using the Google advertising platform, which is further enhancing their “credibility” and making people fall into their trap every day.

As a result, many people are losing money by trusting this bogus investment site? Who will help victims of Quwiex ponzi scheme?

Quwiex Review: A High Yield Investment scam

The website’s marketing material is gibberish in nature. The wording does not provide any meaninful insights on what the company is doing to generate high returns in such a short period of time.

This is one of the hallmarks of a High Yield Investment scam.

Quwiex is claiming to have its offices in Auckland, NewZealand. They seem to be targeting victims in Australia.

However, our survey team also discovered that the operators of Quwiex are also denying elsewhere that they are operating in New Zealand. This is clearly conflicting information. We don’t know what to trust and what not to trust. This is yet another evidence that the company is a scam.

Beware of their other website Quwiex-company-official.com

The above domain represents the face of the alleged company. Inside this website is where you find redirection links that take unsuspecting victims to the ultimate money pit which is Quwiex.com.

One thing you have to realize is that these people are neither trading nor providing any legit financial services.

When you sign up in the platform, you will not find evidence of any serious trading platform.

They have also not partnered with any major Cryptocurrency exchange. We conclude that this company is trading their clients’ Crypto assets via API.

Illegal and not licensed

Quwiex is not licensed by any financial oversight authority, which further proves that they are a scam.

Their modas operandi is similar to this Italian scam. What we know is that if a company offering financial services has no valid license, then it is surely going to scam investors.

Licensing, especially from the United States is one proof that a broker or financial institution will not scam you.

What to do if you lose money to Quwiex.com

If you have lost your money in this scam, then the best way to get help is to fill out the form above or use the chat to present your case free of charge to the professionals.

They will follow up, initiate a chargeback until you get whatever you lost back.

The Conclusion

Do not trust a ponzi scheme using many words and making little sense on their website.

If they are not clearly on what profits their clients should expect or even why they are not licensed, then the best thing to do is never sign up.

There are good trading and investing opportunities here.