DCACriptofinance.com Review: D.C.A Cripto Finance (a Scam Targeting Italians)

D.C.A Cripto Finance B.V is the name of the company behind the website DCACriptofinance.com. DCACriptofinance.com is actually a scam as our survey team found out that the company is not licensed anywhere in the world.

Obviously this website fails the credibility test that is badly needed in order for a trading service to appear in this list of recommended Forex and Crypto services.

The fake company (D.C.A Cripto Finance B.V) states on their website that they have specialized in automated trading of Cryptocurrencies, and that they’ve operated this service since 1997.

However, a quick spot check reveals that DCACriptofinance.com is actually lying because the website surfaced on the internet in October 2021. This is just last year (as at the time of writing this review).

This is therefore fake experience which they are trying to use to create an atmopshere of legitimacy.

D.C.A Cripto Finance Review: How DCACriptofinance.com works

D.C.A Cripto Finance B.V states on their website that they are taking advantage of some high yield stocks, which has enabled them to operate on a 360 degrees manner.

They’re inviting traders and investors to take advantage of supposedly new investment opportunities in the stock market.

The scam further claims that they’ve been around for 13 years in the financial sector. This claim is unverifiable since we just saw that these guys are less than 1 year old in the market.

They provide 3 different account types, requiring a minimum deposit of 500 EUR. However, the basic account that DCACriptoFinance offers is limited in terms of instruments that traders can access. This account type is only for Forex traders.

This disqualifies them already because with a 500 EUR investment, a decent broker should give you access to Forex pairs in addition to Crypto, Stocks, Indices and so much more.

So it appears that DCACriptofinance is actually not a serious broker. Even their website is not targeting English speakers, despite English being widely spoken.

The scam is basically targetting a handful of high networth individuals who can start trading with a 500 EUR before they can upgrade by depositing 10,000EUR.

Because the trust rating for D.C.A Cripto Finance is very low, their modas operandi is going to be similar to that of Ace Crown FX, Lotas Capital and Solid FX respectively.

A broker like DCACriptofinance will simply sweet-talk the potential victim to deposit at least 500 EUR into their account. Once that has happened, the broker will begin trading against the client until the client losses all the account balance.

In the event that the client is too smart to outshine the offshore broker, they will simply disable the client’s account and not give any notice.

DCACriptofinance is not licensed

They claim to be regulated by BaFin-Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, which is the Forex broker regulator in Germany.

We have searched the database of BaFin-Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and found zero evidence of the existence of a company called D.C.A Cripto Finance B.V.

This means the broker is lying about their licensing status and should be avoided.

What to do if scammed by D.C.A Cripto Finance B.V

In the unfortunate incident that you are scammed by these guys, just fill out the from above and you will be contacted by professionals who will initiate the chargeback process.

Otherwise, we also want you to share your story in the comment section regarding how you might have lost your money.

The Conclusion

Avoid this broker at all cost because their website does not appear serious enough to accommodate professional traders.

Secondly this broker targets victims in Italy but lying to investors that they are regulated in Germany.

They are inconsisent with their lie, which it even more apparent that they are more than likely to steal your money.

These are the reasons you should run away and not waste your time signing up.

  • Hey, a close friend of mine just invested with DCA, he has no idea about investing and still invested by word of mouth reference of a friend of his.
    he showed me returns of 2% daily, he deposited 10.000€ and is getting 2.500€ in profit every month, which I didn’t believed until i saw it. I’m still not believing this after he showed me pas transactions of the last three months where ~2500€ entering is bank account.
    how does the scam work?
    i’m worried for him because it seems too good to be true.

    • Your friend is being paid from new investors’ deposits. Out of 10 members, the scam will pay 3 or 4 ‘investors’ while refusing to pay the other members. Ultimately the website will close down.