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Pinnacle Institute Review: The Sam Seiden Scam

GOT SCAMMED by a broker? Fill out this form to schedule FREE consultation with experts who will assist you recover your funds. aka Pinnacle Institute Trading & Investing is owned and operated by Sam Seiden.

Sam Seiden has a long and sad history of running investment education scams and even suing his own students for speaking up.

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Pinnacle Institute Trading and Investing appears to be his latest project targeting naïve day trading dreamers.

For the last 2 decades, this guy has been running these investment educational websites, charging thousands of dollars and hiding behind manipulative performance disclaimers.

Two decades is a long time, and is probably why he thinks he is a key figure in the trading industry.

Nevertheless, what most people probably don’t realize is that it’s one thing to run a successful website defrauding people but it’s quite another to actually trade professionally for a living.

This review helps you to decide whether or not Sam Seiden’s website is selling something worth your money and time.

In the meantime, you can also check out these verified trading products and services as it’s quite obvious that Pinnacle Institute will not be included in that list.

What does Pinnacle Institute (Trading and Investing) offer?

The trading school offers a bunch of trading products and services which include the following:

  1. Live, interactive trading courses
  2. Proprietary trading algorithm
  3. Pre-recorded strategy sessions
  4. Live trading and analysis sessions
  5. Investment recommendations which supposedly allow members to customize their portfolio

The trading school also promises to help people break free of living on other people’s terms.

So if you want to quit your job and still become rich with little effort, no problem! Just sign up for the Pinnacle Institute membership experience.

Sam even claims that he can help you take charge of your family’s financial future.

To help the lie become even more effective, the owner of Pinnacle Institute provides his “trading performance” where he claims to win 71% of his trades.

This dude is supposedly taking an average of 23 trades per day and making between 50% to 2000% returns per trade.

I found a sample of his “real time trades” for the last 5 months of trading.

In the first month, he executed over 600 trades.

In the second month, he executed over 700 trades.

In the third, fourth and fifth, he executed over 2000 trades in total.

Notice that Sam Seiden of Pinnacle Institute is not talking about his losing trades or at least disclosing his losers to the public.

But he is more than willing to provide his “trading performance” where he only talks about his winners.

To become wealthy like Sam, you just have to sign up for the free intro workshop, and then pay to develop “real financial skills” that allows you to win over 30 trades per day.

In fact, internet suckers are paying up to $9,000 per year to copy Sam’s investment recommendations.

In addition to this, the scam is charging thousands of dollars to access proprietary trading strategy.

Victims have no problem paying for this financial nonsense until they realize that they are losing money.

Now, you might ask yourself how some people still fall for the BS when it’s clear that Pinnacle Institute is yet another trading school run by a charlatan and world class marketing expert.

Pinnacle Institute Marketing funnel runs like fine swiss watch

First, a victim will land on this website via Sam Seiden’s YouTube channel or search engine like Google.

Sam Seiden is known for creating hundreds of marketing videos where he talks about his get-rich quick trading strategies to millions of viewers.

These videos are a fodder to the financially desperate.

But Sam is also known to bully anyone who speaks the truth concerning his fraudulent education and investment schemes.

Can you imagine this dude has filed several defamation Lawsuits in California against his very own students for criticizing him?

I certainly expect him to send me an email(s) as soon as this review is ranked on search engines.

As always, he will be making a legal threat. However, will not relent as we stand for the truth.

If a trading product is good, we recommend it. But when the product is BS, we simply write a review criticizing and even warning traders not to gamble their hard-earned money.

The free intro workshop is just another reinforcement of the sales videos he posts on his YouTube channel.

The salesman in one of the videos lasting 120 minutes, claims that because of Sam Seiden’s secret financial strategy and magical indicators which work in all markets, he is able to live a financially-free life.

Yes, because of Pinnacle Institute pure financial magic, he was able to take his kids through college.

Before we go even further, it should be noted that Sam Seiden was also the owner of a scam called Online Trading Academy.

The Federal Trade Commission prosecuted these scam artists for running an investment fraud in the name of a trading school.

The FTC in 2020 filed a massive lawsuit against Online Trading Academy for allegedly defrauding victims of $370,000,000 since 2014.

Clearly Pinnacle Institute is just another variation of Online Trading Academy, and the owner, Sam Seiden cannot be trusted.

Where is the verified performance?

The owner of Pinnacle Institute is making several marketing proclamations on his website but is providing no evidence to back them.

For instance, the website proclaims that Sam Seiden has the most sought after trading strategy in the last 20 years.

Sam Seiden further proclaims that he is a well-respected figure in the trading industry for the last 20 days.

He is even a “teaching fellow” at Tsinghua University where Sam is teaching strategic industry investment to his students.

The aim of this website is to help us forget what we think about trading and investing in order to learn the new financial magic.

However, when you feed people with this type of financial BS, you should at least prepare verifiable trading statement to legitimize your claims.

Many “financial gurus” are not willing to produce one.

In fact, the only reason I was lucky to know for sure that Sam Seiden is a loser is because the FTC audited his trading statements and those of his students and the results were pathetic.

They found out that the owner of Pinnacle Institute was a losing trader, year after year.

They also found out that his students lost money at various brokerages, thanks to this dude’s magical indicators and trading strategies.

The hypothetical performance is of course the work of lies since financial scams like Pinnacle Institute will always post fake money to create the illusion of profit.


If Online Trading Academy was pure financial puffery, don’t think that Pinnacle Institute is any better.

In fact, there’s a bevy of consumer complaints from people who have lost money from this shady trading school.

In short, Sam is not selling a legitimate trading product and should therefore be avoided like the plague.

Before you take people to court and waste their time, consider the fact that people are losing money with your product.

Stop playing this game by reinventing your tactics every time the previous one is brought to limelight.

I want to speak with you but I don’t want your threats Sam as this will not work.

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  1. ive eaten dinner with sam after a successful sales `training class’ and i would love to tell more about what i know after having been an instructor under him and larry jacobson at the online trading academy despite not being a consistently profitable trader.

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