Review: Ponzi Scheme (Beware)

Tweet intends to rob you of your hard-earned money because they’re not transparent and their website is neither trading nor investing in the advertised financial instruments. Real trading and investing happens on these platforms and trading systems.

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Masterworks Investment Ltd claims they’re based in the US and are incorporated there according to the Securities and Exchange Act. Other locations that are allegedly hosting this company’s activities include Ukraine and Russia. Obviously they had to mention these two countries due to the war that is going on those countries. Maybe they want to inject a dose of sympathy in the scam.

All in all, this review will highlight important details which ties the company and its website to signs of an investment scam. You need to avoid such shady websites as their agenda is to steal from investors, thus causing a lot of financial pain and inconveniences.

Masterworks Investment ltd review

The website is full of lies. It presents fictitious people in their ‘team members’ page. The CEO of has also been given a fictitious name ‘Evan Charlton’.

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This Evan Charlton’s image is also being used in corny websites like, and

We also got a chance to review Masterworks-investment ltd YouTube channel. The channel’s name is Investment Crypto and it has 52 subscribers only.

The channel hosts a collection of videos that promote other investment scams that we suspect are tied to Masterworks-investment.

The entities that are promoted here include Lucro Limited, Elite Ventures Ltd, and many more. All of these investment scams are basically ponzi schemes that rob people based on the idea that if you give the owners some Bitcoin deposit, they will multiply it.

The minimum deposit that this shady website is asking for is $100. The daily return is 1.5% but can go up to 3.5%. is unable to verify these figures since their website does not have any kind of performance records.

It is therefore safe to assume that these are doctored figures that Masterworks Investment is using to fool stupid investors.

The fake SEC registeration cert on Masterworks Investment

The website of this scam was privately created in August 2021. On their website, they show a SEC registration certificate. This is supposed to mean that the company is recognized by the SEC.

The problem is that this certificate means nothing and cannot be used as a sign of authenticity.

We know that SEC is involved in regulating entities that offer financial securities, and one thing you must be sure of is that the SEC has never registered a scam like is a copy-paste of

They’ve copied BlueGate Financial service’s website word for word. Don’t get me wrong: BlueGate Financial Service is also another investment scam. But copy pasting from them makes Masterworks Investment look bad and unprofessional.

The reason they are doing this is because the scammers are too lazy to come up with their own content.

Even if you believe their lies that the SEC knows about them, you can check the SEC’s database. Nothing shows up whenever you search this fake company.

How to recover your money if you have been scammed by this company

When you have lost a huge amount of money to a scam like this one, it is certain that you’ll qualify for a chargeback.

We’ve helped victims of popular scams like Capitalix and Widecfd to recover their money, thanks to a chargeback company that facilitates recovery of funds on behalf of victims.

To get started with your claim, just use the livechat on this website or fill in the form at the beginning of this review.

The Conclusion is a ponzi scheme. They collect revenue from new investors and payouts are never a guarantee since they do not participate in any income generating activities.

This will eventually collapse just like some of their defunct ponzi scheme websites. If it does collapse, it will disappear with your money (assuming you don’t initiate a chargeback process against them).

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