Review: Beware of 4Square SY Ltd


In this review, we explain why Capitalix is a broker not worth investing with and also why you should choose to go this route when it comes to investing. Capitalix is also using the fraudulent Trustpilot reviews platform to silence the voices of their victims. It is therefore difficult to raise a complaint that the public will have access to. This is how Capitalix continues to exploit and rob people, and this has continued for a very long time considering that they started active business operations using the domain in 2019.

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Capitalix Review: They look like a legitimate broker

Looking at their website, you will find that it’s quite clean and convincing. Nobody can suspect that they are using underhand tacticts for the sake of robbing investors.

They offer a lot of tradeable instruments including Forex, Crypto, stocks, Metals and Indices. To entice users of the website to buy or sell CFDs, they’ve created buttons all over the website such that clicking them will only require creating an account using your email and phone number.

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We do not encourage it because they will always use your contact information to deliver their salespitch which can be a bit of a bother because this is unsolicited marketing.

They also advertise lowest spreads starting 0.5 pips but the truth is that you have to deposit (risk a large amount of money) to open the supposedly low spread account type. Do not think that a $100 deposit will get you this account.

Capitalix also uses a fake awards badge to mislead prospective leads by lying to them that the company was voted the ‘fastest growing broker in 2020’. We are not able to verify the authenticity of the badge, hence the reason we’re convinced it is a marketing ploy and not real.

Is Capitalix licensed?

You can be sure that a corny website offering Forex CFDs is never regulated by any organization no matter how much they try to look legit.

This broker is claiming to be from Seychelles. It is run by two entities with identical names (4Square SY Ltd and 4Square (CY) Ltd).

4Square SY Ltd and 4Square (CY) Ltd are the scam that facilitate payment collection and is the face that covers the hidden scam.

We have also verified it and found that Capitalix is not licensed by FSA despite claiming that they even have a license number.

They are trying very hard to feign legitimacy because scams have to operate like this to fool victims. A good example of a thieving broker is WideCFD.

The Conclusion

Before we make any conclusions, we would like to remind you that Capitalix does not disclose what the minimum deposit is.

In addition to this, they operate using several phone numbers to give the impression that they are a global Forex broker.

The broker is also deleting trustpilot reviews from customers whom they’ve scammed, thanks to the admins getting their paychecks every month to facilitate this false marketing scheme.

When we look at this website, all we can see is a bunch of lies aimed at convincing the naive trader to make a deposit.

Stay away from this scam.

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