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Inteligex Review: Is Trading Software Legit?

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Today’s review is about a company and futures trading software known as Inteligex.

Just like Volatility Means Money, scores very poorly with regards to honesty, quality of the product, cost and support.

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In addition to this, does not have any verified trades.

The company is relying on videos presentations as proof that live trading is taking place.

Inteligex is also associated with another scam called Enigma Signal.

Inteligex trade review
Inteligex trade website

In addition to this, they worked in cohort with now a defunct trading school called Phoenix Trading Academy.

A person named Isaac Tekeste posed as an investment manager and convinced victims to send him $20,000 for a supposed elite Forex trading program.

Is Inteligex a scam or can we give them the benefit of doubt?

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Is Inteligex legit?

There’s a funny story behind this online shop for trading education and indicator.

They’re selling a 2 day trading course and claiming to give a free indicator that can predict the future of the market.

Trading education on the Inteligex website covers the following:

  • Market types and market fundamentals
  • Market price drivers
  • Charts and patterns
  • Risk profile and trader emotions
  • Trends, Patterns and market rhythm
  • Using market predictors for profitable trading
  • Buy and Sell indicators
  • “Exclusive content” taught by market experts
  • Award winning Inteligex trade predictor software

All of this can be acquired for $2,999. Plus they want traders to know that all of this content can be covered in 2 days.

By the end of the 2 days, Inteligex proclaims that you will become a “Great Trader”.

Obviously this promise sounds implausible. There must be a story behind all this.

Who runs Inteligex and what’s the story?

A number of people are associated with the operations of this company.

According to this LinkedIn page, a person named Mark Sear was the founder in 2017.

He stopped working there in November 2018.

Mark’s resume is quite impressive. In the past 15 years, he’s worked at various companies.

He’s currently the Head of Insight Analytics at A.P. Moller – Maersk.

If all of this is true, then Mark Sear is a good candidate for developing a trading algorithm.

What I can’t understand is why he is no longer working for Inteligex as the CEO or in any other capacity.

While his resume sounds impressive, his sales and affiliations are sketchy.

He is also the founder of Enigma Signal.


The people behind Inteligex are investment hustlers.

Mark Sear appears to be legit but he is also relying on long-term investment hustlers to market his products.

If he reads this review, he will reconsider his affiliations and maybe set the record straight by producing evidence of successful live trading.

Then he will also have to explain why he is not working with Inteligex anymore.

Did he sell it to another investment hustler? We will never know.

However, one thing you should know is that great traders are never made in 2 days.

The investment course which Inteligex sells for $2,999 is definitely a scam.

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