Volatility Means Money review

Today’s review is about Volatility Means Money.

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Volatility Means Money LLC is operated by Scott Bauer of Prosper Trading Academy.

Prosper Trading Academy is an investment education company while Volatility Means Money is a company that sells options trading signals for $9,995 per year.

Students of Volatility Means Money are promised quick riches by just copy-pasting options signals from Scott Bauer.

Signals are delivered through SMS and email. Scott claims he often delivers signals before he can even trade them.

And the win percentage is 65%, month to month.

Unfortunately, neither Scott nor any of the people working in the chat room can produce third-party verified trading statements.

Through their company, Prosper Trading Academy, Scott admits that he is a hypothetical trader and secondly, he makes it clear that no refunds will be given.

Now, Scott Bauer and his colleagues are public figures who love to appear on national media.

Volatility means money review
Scott Bauer’s salespage

They’re often seen on Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Business and on the CME Group website.

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In addition to this, Scott Bauer is also a premium TD Ameritrade Network commentator.

He proclaims 25 years of experience “live trading” the options market.

He even said he’s traded many times against Warren Buffet and beat him.

None of these claims have ever been independently verified using a personal trading statement.

Is Volatility Means Money truly a viable option for your trading?

Is Volatility Means Money legit?

I can say that this options signal business is not legitimate.

And you should never spend $10,000 chasing quick riches from Scott. What he is selling is an illusion.

You can invest a fraction of that money by utilizing these tools which traders have found to be consistently profitable.

According to Wayback (a website that tracks when other websites appear and disappear), Volatility Means Money first appeared on the web in 2019.

On the other hand, Prosper Trading appeared in 2018.

The people running these two websites, however, have a history of selling various “get-rich-quick schemes.

They have been selling get-rich-quick trading products even before 2018.

They were also basted by the National Futures Association.

Should you buy anything from Volatility Means Money?

Scott has invested in a highly effective marketing machine.

He publicly declares that he worked for 10 years as a market maker at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE).

According to my investigations, this is not the case. His floor trading experience ended within 1 year of starting to trade.

This was between 08/22/2008 and 11/19/2008. This basically means the owner of Volatility Means Money traded for 3 months only.

How 3 months of trading makes him an expert trader and mentor is still the question I am asking.

And now he is offering a get-rich-quick opportunity where students copy-paste trade recommendations for 65% win rate outcome.

The NFA website has details of Scott Bauer which can be verified from this page.

Also, despite the 25 years of trading equity and options, Mr. Scott does not have a public track record for the consumption of those who are willing to spend $9,995 on his mentorship.

Why an investment educator with 25 years of experience is using hypothetical performance is the question.

I asked for Scott’s trading performance and I got no response.

This appears to be the most difficult request to make. At the back of my mind, I knew the owner of Volatility Means Money did not have a track record of success.

What he has is a highly pimped sales page where he boasts of his TV appearance.

The sales page is about how Scott wants to make you rich quickly using his magical trading signals.


There’s a section on the Volatility Means Money sales page that highlights the “latest trades and profits that we would have made”.

I believe no one is so naive to believe these marketing ploys where supposed trading gurus fake figures and post them on their website.

If all trades are hypothetical, how did Scott Bauer of Volatility Means Money earn those figures?

My findings have exposed the ugly things about Mr. Scott. He’s been reduced to a mere scammer running projects like Ark Wealth Solutions, TBM Trust, and many other shady investment operations.

Stay away from Volatility Means Money and thanks for reading my review.

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