Inertia Finance Review: The SCAM

Do you think a broker like Inertia Finance can be legit? Our review proves that these guys are a scam. They will waste your time, energy and money even if you use the most profitable software or signals in the world.

While perusing the website of Inertia Finance, I discovered several tell tale signs which I will discuss later in this review.

The broker says they are deal for serious traders. They welcome traders by letting them know that all strategies are allowed but I want to assure you that this is a lie. Hedging and news trading may be allowed but arbitrage trading must be a No for them.

Inertia Finance also wants to provide tools and user-friendly trading environment where the global markets can be accessed.

And the minimum deposit is just $250. In addition, they promise to support new traders with risk management tools and competetive spreads.

Well, let’s see how and why Inertia Finance is just another pathetic scam.

Inertia Finance Review: company background

It’s starts with the company Tryst Consulting LLC which owns and governs the website of Inertia Finance.

They are operating out of the St Vincent and Grenadines jurisdiction. So probably a scam broker like Lotas Capital is their neighbor in the next building.

I’ve discussed why I discourage trading with St Vincent and the Grenadines brokers for a very long time now because most of the time I receive complaints of traders having lost money to these scambags.

This jurisdiction does not regulate Forex brokers. There are no rules, so thieves like Inertia Finance find it easier to hide there.

SVG Financial Services Authority (the financial authority in this jurisdiction) does not regulate Forex, Crypto and Binary options. Plain and simple.

And which broker does not have a phone number on their website? I wonder how Inertia Finance can feign legitimacy when they don’t want to be contacted via a phone call.

Inertia Finance account types, leverage and spreads

Information about their account types is sketchy. Inertia Finance is not interested in telling us their spreads, so we find it difficult to gauge the cost of trading with them.

Leverage is provided up to1:100, which is fair considering that most professional brokers who are based in the US are offering similar maximum leverage.

The broker neither supports MT4 nor MT5 software, yet these two are considered the most popular trading software. We find this quite weird.

Irresponsible Withdrawal policy

They state on their website that there shall be no timeline for withdrawals. So we don’t know whether clients will wait for a few hours, 1 day or a whole year.

These silly terms and conditions can only be found on the website of a scam broker.

Inertia Finance and Warning by the Italian Consob

There is a recent Consob warning against the company that runs this broker. They say the broker is not licensed and should not be trusted by traders.

So if you have ears, please hear and do not risk your money.

What if you have been scammed by InertiaFinance?

Good thing is, you can simply fill out the form above to recover your money. If you lost $5,000 or more, engage a professional on the live chat, free of charge and without obligations.

I hope this is straight to the point.

The Conclusion

I feel sorry for the scammers because they’ve been busted too early before they could execute their game.

On the other hand, I’m glad that these days victims can initiate chargebacks against scammers like

So don’t suffer in silence. In fact the comment section is also open to your aggreviances.