Lotas Capital Review: LotasCapital.com is a SCAM (Read this)

We’re exposing Lotas Capital as a bogus Forex and CFDs broker, as well as helping you know what steps you need to take to recover your lost funds (if you fell a victim).

Lotas Capital cannot be said to be a licensed Forex broker, and neither can it be trusted because their website is cheaply-made, plus broker’s trust score is extremely low.

In addition to this, LotasCapital is operating out of the infamous St. Vincent & the Grenadines. This offshore location is known for hosting scammers who run illegal financial institutions that masqaurade as legitimate Forex brokers.

That is why it is next to impossible to include Lotas Capital in our list of the most recommended Forex brokers.

We recon that even if you use the best and proven trading and investment products/services, a broker who provides a bad trading environment will only make you lose all your money.

Worse still, a broker such as LotasCapital can easily refuse to process your withdrawal requests. They usually frustrate the process by claiming that you have not submitted satisfactory KYC documents, and allowing you to withdraw your money would be equal to committing a crime.

Lotas Capital Review: About the company

We of course can’t establish who owns or runs this company because these details are kept under wraps. This is a very common thing among St Vincent and the Grenadines Forex brokers. I’ve reviewed a few of them in the past (example include Empire FXM, and Solid ECN) and found that the modas operandi is always the same. They thrive on secrecy.

That said, Lotas Capital claims to provide a trading environment for Forex, Indices and Commodities. They tell us that their platform accommodates up to 140 instruments.

In addition to this, their marketing materials says that spreads are low and multiple account types are available according to the investment approach of their customers.

But since the company is not very transparent, we still have questions.

Lotas Capital minimum deposit, leverage and trading software

They provide several account types but no minimum deposit has been disclosed. The broker does not provide a demo account for practice as well.

This is unprofessionalism of the highest order. They are not a clever scam to say the least. What is more, leverage is on the modest end (1:200) while trading software is the popular MT4 and MT5 apps respectively.

These trading software can be accessed both on desktop and mobile devices. They are offered by both legit and scam brokers.

No valid Forex license

St. Vincent & the Grenadines does not have strong licensing for Forex brokers. This is why it is a safe haven for scammers who run financial institutions.

You can be sure that when regulations are not implemented, then Forex brokers can play all sorts of games with you from manipulating spreads to refusing withdrawal requests.

What to do if you have been scammed by LotasCapital.com

If you’ve been scammed by this broker, we are sorry for your predicament. All you have to do is fill out the form above to get immediate help.

Now that you know, we hope you will not fall into the hands of another scammer as it can be a waste of time trying to play cat and mouse games with the illegitimate broker.

It can also be a complete loss for victims who are not aware that recovering lost money is possible.

The Conclusion

Thanks for reading this review of Lotas Capital. This broker has nothing to offer you. Have you seen how professional Forex and CFDs broker operate? 

Once you sign up for their services, then I’m sure you will never fall into the hands of scammers ever again.

Professional brokers know their business, and they are real ECN and NDD brokers. They don’t pull strings from behind the curtains to make you lose money.

Of course if you have a comment against this broker, let us know.