Crypto Trade Solutions Ltd Review: Scam Money Managers -

Crypto Trade Solutions Ltd Review: Scam Money Managers

Crypto Trade Solutions Ltd is offering an investment opportunity where clients are supposed to earn at least 30% daily ROI for 30 days.

The minimum investment that Crypto Trade Solutions Ltd wants is $2000.

They claim that the website is run by experienced money managers who use PAMM accounts to manage investors’ money.

However, when we signed up, we did not see anywhere that integrated a broker.

This means that they are keeping the funds of their clients in their own bank accounts.

It is contrary to the claim that funds are kept in a segregated account.

Furthermore, the platform claims that it is registered in the USA.

We highly doubt if this is true because otherwise, they would be showing us their SEC authorization license.

Also, if you check out this company on the FINRA website, you will not find it listed among licensed brokerage companies in the US.

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Is Crypto Trade Solutions legit?

The website is quite suspicious in how it makes its presentation to visitors.

Crypto Trade Solutions review

The first suspicious claim that we found on this website is that they’re generating 30% daily returns for 30 days. This would be 600% monthly returns.

It is not possible to generate this ROI in trading within a month.

This tells us that is definitely not trading with their clients’ money.

Furthermore, the website claims that they are based in then US. This is clearly a lie.

They are not authorized by the SEC in to provide securities.

The reason there are so many lies on this website is because they owners are dishonest and are looking to defraud investors of at least $2,000.


You should stay away from websites like Crypto Trade Solutions as they are clearly run by fraudsters.

This is not true wealth management but a den of thieves looking to scam naive investors.

Like Elita Invest Global, these guys will scam people and soon we will see complaints all over the internet.

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