Elita Invest Global ltd Review: EIG Scam Broker!

EIG aka Elita Invest Global Ltd is claiming to be a professional service provider of Foreign exchange services.

Did this company scam you? Are you facing difficulty withdrawing money out of this broker?

You can recover your money here with 100% success rate!

In other words, they are offering brokerages services to clients who want to trade Forex, Metals and CFDs.

Elita Invest Global ltd is the company behind EIG whose website can be accessed through eig-fx168.com.

This domain is very weird and even typing it on the browser is a bit cumbersome.

EIG or Elita Invest Global Ltd registered it on April 2020. So this broker is very new to this marketplace.

Apart from this, the broker is not telling us who they are, where they’re operating from and whether or not they are regulated.

Elita Invest Global ltd eig review

In addition to this, they’ve not provided details of their account types.

It seems EIG broker only has one account standard account type for all clients.

Regardless of the case, we expected the broker to publish their trading conditions and let us know what the minimum deposit for opening an account is.

EIG website has only published general information about their service.

Are you facing withdrawal issues with this broker?

Here's what you can do to recover your funds now.

Spreads are fixed for metal assets and floating for Forex pairs.

They claim that a pair like EURUSD attracts a spread of 1.9 pips.

We have found that it is still very expensive to trade Forex with eig-fx168.com since professional broker are charging 1.3 pips and below for a volatile pair like EURUSD.

Is Elita Invest Global Ltd or EIG a legit broker?

The first thing we noticed with this broker’s website is that they are not transparent.

They’ve provided the same contact emails for all their “departments” which does not help with establishing who the owners are.

Furthermore, we have always discouraged traders against opening accounts with unregulated brokers.

Eig-fx168.com does not have a Forex broker’s license, yet they continue to solicit funds from traders from across the globe.

It is dangerous to trade with such brokers because they tend to scam traders or even refuse to process their withdrawal transactions.

Such a broker is not to be trusted no matter how attractive their products and services are.

Elita Invest Global Ltd is therefore a big risk to traders out there.


EIG will most likely run away with your money because the site has a lot of red flags to consider.

You cannot trust them because the website is not safe and neither are they professional.

Also, if you would like to invest in the currency market, we urge you to rely on professional tools and services that have a proven track record.

67 Responses to “Elita Invest Global ltd Review: EIG Scam Broker!”

  1. Daniele says:

    I think I unfortunately fell in this website, because a friend of mine from Honk Hong adviced me . I found different weird aspects and no serious services.
    Unfortunately I understood it much later and they refuse me to withdraw money from their account several times and no one replies me when I ask help for this problem .
    Although I provide them every document necessary to do it, they always reply refusing the withdraw…
    How Can I solve this problem?
    Can I denunce them in my country or contacting Hong Honk police ?
    Thank you for your help

    1. loic says:

      Hi, I have also been scammed of USD2,500 and have also been advised by a “friend” of mine who obviously works for them

      I filled out a HK police report here : https://www.erc.police.gov.hk/cmiserc/CCC/PolicePublicPage?language=en

      Unfortunately, in order to take action, they would need the HK address of the company, which EIG will not give away.

      @Daniele, please do fill out the report. They might do something after they receive several complaints. Thanks

      1. Ayo says:

        I have also been scammed and right now I need help to get them arrested

        1. Daniele says:

          company address: UNIT 04,7/F BRIGHT WAY TOWER NO.33 MONG KOK RD HK

      2. Daniele says:

        I have already reported to honk hong police as you did . I hope they can do something, they stole me much more unfortunately but fortunately the person bring me in this website also manage other scam websites and they are owned at the same society.

        company address: UNIT 04,7/F BRIGHT WAY TOWER NO.33 MONG KOK RD HK

        I think that it could help to find the responsible

        1. Ioannis Sourtzinos says:

          How your friend discovered all this ? Is he from Hong Kong ? He is an investigator ? Because i asked help from people from Hong Kong to get information on EIG and they couldn’t find anything

          1. Koffa says:

            I have been scammed by this group as well big amounts money they too away from me

        2. Ioannis Sourtzinos says:

          This is an eshop of clothes . Are you sure that it is connected with EIG ?

      3. Osborne says:

        Please help!! I got scammed of 2000$ ,they made me believe they could increase my fortune through trading & now I am unable to withdraw anything

    2. Ricardo says:

      Hi daniele , I am talking to someone in HK who is trying the same modality of scam with me . I still have contact with them maybe it’s the same people that did it to you .
      Get in touch i would like to know more about who was behind this

      1. Daniele says:

        I got other informations about their bank account . That it could help us to find the owner.
        Please report to honk hong police/cyber crime section and let’s indicate as I will do now this important details :

        ASIA COMMERCIAL BANK Nema:HONG SET LANH Account:14128047 Bank Name :ASIA COMMERCIAL BANK SWIFTCODE : ASCBVNVX Bank address: B17-B18,NGUYEN HUU CANH,TT.TRANG BOM,TRANG BOM,DONG NAI. Receiver Address:NGUYEN THAI HOC,BAU HAM 2,THONG NHAT,DONG NAI. Telephone : 0944297939 ID :271883015 Birthday:20 May 1990

      2. Ioannis Sourtzinos says:

        Hello Ricardo . I opened an account to them 1 month ago . I deposited only 150 $ and I had to deposit more today , but after reading this I am not going to deposit any more . Can we speak on video call ? I ‘d like to discuss the whole scam thing . To take information and compare our cases

      3. Luis says:

        I also have contact. Can the phone number help?

    3. Ioannis Sourtzinos says:

      Hello Daniele . My name is Yiannis Sourtzinos . I am from Greece . I am in the same situation .. I depositied only 150 dollars 1 month ago . This woman from Hong Kong that I met her on tinder always tries to persuade me to deposit more although she is giving me trading signals . Today I had tell her that I would deposit more money but after reading this report I will not . Although I ‘d like to speak with you in person on video call in whatsapp . Is this possible ?
      I had try for 1-2 weeks to make a reasearch on EIG but I couldn’t find anything . If it’s possible I ‘d like to speak on video call with you

      1. Mod says:

        It would not be possible to publish any kind of contact information here. Thanks

        1. Ioannis Sourtzinos says:

          Hello mod . I want to speak with other people who have been victims of EIG , to verify everything that is been said and to compare also our cases . How would that be possible
          And I would like to ask you also Mod , how did you discover that EIG has been registered on April 2020 ? Can we see if they are connected with other scams of the past or of the present ?

      2. GneoPompeo says:

        Same here. Did she give you the daughter story?

        1. Deren says:

          Hi Gneo what daughter story? Could you be more specific?

      3. Loic says:

        Hi Ioannis, I sent you a message via facebook. I hope I got the right account.
        Please check and let me know

        1. Ioannis Sourtzinos says:

          Hello Loic . Yes I saw it just now

    4. GneoPompeo says:

      Caro Daniele,

      Fai denuncia alla polizia postale e cambia tutti i documenti/password che gli hai fornito.
      Con quei documenti potrebbero aprire conti e altro a tuo nome e causarti altri problemi…

    5. GneoPompeo says:

      Also, change all your passwords immediately, and preferably phone number as well.

      1. We don’t have permission to modify our profile, it’s such a weird site.

  2. Leo says:

    Unfortunately, I also got to them. Don’t mess with them. Deception and persuasion always bring in more money in order to earn more. You won’t get any money in the end. Always refusal when withdrawing money from a deposit.

  3. hello reading the above comments has made me very worried as i have an account with the broker n question ! just wondered f you got any sollutions to your problems ?

    1. Daniele says:

      hy richard, at the moment we didn’t get any solution unfortunately.
      I really advice you to report the problem to honk hong police, because if they receive many reports they can bring the problem seriously.

  4. do you still have money in your broker accounts with eig?

    1. Daniele says:

      Yes ! And they don’t allow you to withdraw

      1. dont get why they wouldnt want you to withdrwl i have been chatting to them this morning and have even showed them this page and have told me what the protocall is for withdrawl brokers only make money out of you when you loose it on the stock market

      2. GneoPompeo says:

        Daniele, what did you select for withdrawal.. bank or USDT?
        I chose USDT (tether cryptocurrency) and my current status says “Settled accounts Withdrawal applied successful,please wait for verification!”

        1. Mine was “withdrawal completed” and I was even debited from my mt4 account and my EIG, but I never got credit to my “bank” as chosen as payment option…I only get daily signal to trade for money I can’t withdraw…I wish we could talk better…it’s very frustrating.

          1. osborne says:

            Buddy,can you please elaborate more on this? Were you able to withdraw? I lost a lot of money in this scam

  5. Loic says:

    Dear all, your money is gone, just as mine. You will not see it again.

    The only thing you could do now would be to fill out a police report (see link in my previous message) AND expose those brokers
    You could also contact the bank to which you have transferred your money. But EIG usually closes those accounts right after the money is received.

    As for police report, the HK police told me they cannot do anything because the money is transferred to an account abroad (which is correct, none of their account is in HK but usually US, Vietnam or Singapore) and because the website is not registered in HK (which is wrong). I encourage all of you to fill out a report so that they will eventually take actions.


    1. My money isnt gone and still use an account with them and i trade everyday are you sure you havent lost the money thru bad trading ?

      1. loic says:

        Hi Richard, i havent gotten the chance to do any trading since my funds never reached my account. I did not deposit through USDT but through bank transfer. EIG then pretended they never received my money and that it is my bank’s responsibility. It is obviously a lie, my money was traced and confirmed that it was credited to their account. Those people are thieves. You will unfortunately realize that once you try withdrawing your money.

        1. Im sorry to hear about your loss ! i withdrawn money from them at the start of the week ! and i have also deposited money to them via bitcoin and have not had any problems,plus all records of deposits and withdrawls are on your online and mt4 platform account ! they wouldnt e brokers or make any money if they stole from you as thats how they make money for you to use your money.

        1. Steve says:

          No, these scammers are controlling your withdrawals. At first, they will grant the withdrawal amount but when you try to withdraw again, they will always decline it. I was able to call them but they can’t speak in English. They are using Hong Kong numbers but actually, they are from a different place. That’s according to the Hong Kong police.

  6. Jes says:

    I was contact to by a person I met and I opened an account. I didn’t send money, but I’m afraid because they have my identity card, telephone number and e-mail, so I don’t know what they can do with this information. The web doesn’t permit to change your personal data (its incredible) and dont cancel the account. I’m going to report in Hong kong police, although in spain police told me i cant make a police report because there didn’t stole me.
    I hope they will be arrested, and you can recover the money.

  7. Luis says:

    I also became a victim, got to know a woman on tinder, wrote for a long time, probably to build trust, I signed up there even received signals yesterday I should upload more money then I think I no longer suddenly had no access and the money was withdrawn

  8. Ricardo Martinez says:

    Same thing happened to me . She was messaging from +852 5700 6059, her name is Judy zhu apparently . She gives you wining forex signals Then persuades you to use her broker and move all your money . Is that similar to what happened to you ?

  9. Luis says:

    I should open a second account http://www.fxatgram.com but I said that I ran out of money afterwards the other account was empty either you can see my passwords or someone can hack into my computer through this page an idea? reported it to the police but without data from their bank account they apparently can’t do anything because everything runs via bitcoin

  10. I s it just me that hasnt had any problems with this company ??? i have withdrawn and also deposited without any problems !!after reading the above omments why would you trust a complete stranger from tinder ?? come on guys thats just silly

    1. Ioannis Sourtzinos says:

      How much did you withdrawn ? I have withdrawn 100$ 1 month ago . But 2 days ago I asked to withrawn 866$ and they rejected my request asking all my documents and data like if they are the goverment . This is the reply I got from them .

      Money laundering is the act of hiding illegally acquired currency and legalizing the source of the currency.

      We follow strict laws and prohibit any user from intentionally participating in or attempting to participate in any activities related to money laundering.

      Our anti-money laundering policy strengthens the protection of investors, the safety of investor funds, and customer security services.

      According to the ” Hong Kong Anti-Money Laundering Regulations “, “Australian Anti-Money Laundering Law”, “European Commission Anti-Money Laundering Law”, “Singapore Anti-Money Laundering Law”, “International Anti-Money Laundering Law” and the anti-terrorism laws of various countries, EIG is responsible for confirming your identity at the necessary time .

      In order to confirm your identity, EIG requires you to provide identification materials with a total score of 100 points, as follows:

      100 points identification

      Basic identity information

      • Passport
      • Must display full name and date of birth

      • driving license
      • Not expired (passport must not expire in the last three months)

      • Photo ID issued by the government
      • If the document is certified or notarized and shows the address of residence, please add 30 points (100 in total)

      • Birth certificate

      • Certificate of citizenship

      Secondary identity material

      • Bills (telephone, electricity, gas)
      • Must be within three months, and the documents must be complete with service details (such as balance or payment summary)

      • Bank or credit card statement
      • Must have a name and residential address (no post office box required)

      • Tax documents issued by the government
      • Must be effective

      Please note:

      EIG does not accept screenshots of any identification documents.
      Please use a smartphone, digital camera or scanner and email high-quality clear picture files.
      The above materials are sent to info@eig-fx168.com by email , and the financial audit will arrange for you to transfer funds.
      And i ‘d like to ask also the writer of the article and other people of the site their opinion about all this . Do all the brokers ask all this ? What somebody can do with all this ?I mean how he can use them and how he can harm you ?
      And I ask you Richard Sharp , did they ask you all this to make the withdrawal ?

      1. EIG already have those details from me and yes to start up an account with any broker you need to supply id and utility as its common.

      2. Gneo Pompeo says:

        DO NOT provide those documents, they will completely steal your identity with those.

        1. but you always need to show a broker your id its common practise

          1. Ragazini says:

            Ignore richard sharp he obviously is part of the criminals

        2. Ioannis Sourtzinos says:

          Thank you Gneo Pompeo )) . I will not provide them with any of this documents Yes I am afraid that they are going to make me a big harm if they get them . Especially when they are not regulated , they don’t say anything about them where is the fisical address , the number of their licence , etc etc . Further more with so many complaints and direct accuses of stealing the money of their victims . I ‘d like the opinion of asking this documents from the writer of the article and who else is being considered an expert with forex and the regulated brokers .
          Something last . It seems that richard sharp is the EIG ‘s “boss” or just an an agent of EIG who is trying to confuse people here . Be careful of him .

          For the history . 1 month ago I withdrawn 100 $ without asking me all this documents , but they gave me the money because I had tell them that I wanted to make the test of withdrawl and if everything would go well I would deposit more money . Now in the history of my account in their site it is not mentioned any more the initial deposit of 150 $ and the withdrawl of 100 $ . It is mentioned only a deposit of 50 $ . (Yes with 50 $ I made 966 in one month ) . Of course in the history of my account in my mobile the truth can be seen . I am waiting now their answer for my request of withdrawl of 100$ that i placed last Friday 04/09/20 and I ‘ll inform you

          1. Keep says:

            I got scammed by EIG guys big time but there is a company in US saying they can recover all my lost money to EIG for me, does anyone know Eamilius Cupero Company in the US state at Wyoming and if it is a creditable company special they are charging 10% upfront payment the total amount that Invested in EIG, which I think they also in to scam me more

  11. john elton says:

    Can be a chance.
    You can try to withdraw your money, making the telegraphic transfer, choosing usdt.
    Make an account to a trust exchange cryptocurency like binance, is generating an unique code on this app, which you will complete on mt4 account with this details. wait for the email for processing your request. after that wait for binance to make your usdt transfer. Then you can make the withdraw money in real account

    1. hello John could you tell me that way step by step ! as i have binance account !

      1. John elton says:

        On the binance tap deposit it will give one code, put this code on the mt4 account at the manage account choose withdraw telegraphic transfer. You will receive one mail from elita that is proceding your transfer. Hope this will help you.

        1. Thank you John ! its alot quicker this method,much appreciated

          1. Steve says:

            Hi, Richard.

            May I know how much you deposited and how much you withdrew in the platform? Also, how many times you placed a withdrawal order as well? Thanks.

    2. Greg says:

      You withdraw your all money or only $100??

  12. Sotiris says:

    I too was contacted randomly on Whatsapp by a woman named Lily +852 9061 6064, chatting, trying to build trust and then mentioned casually EIG. She also said Cindy gives her signals. I did not fall for it. EIG looks like a scam big time. Anyone else recognize these names and tel#?

    1. Ioannis Sourtzinos says:

      All the chinese women on tinder in Europe at least they are scammers . You just have to forget them . You are loosing your time with them and if you ‘ll fall in the trap you will loose also money

    2. Osborne says:

      Yes same thing happened with me, unfortunately she made me believe to take a loan so she would help me earn money but now I am unable to withdraw anything,I have lost 1000$ ,please someone help:/. She used to say Cindy used to give her signals & now I am scammed ,I was already in debt & now I got scammed of more 1000$ which was my loan’s money,please help someone

  13. Steve says:

    I have confirmed that this is a scam. Please be aware people. How do we report these fake broker?

  14. Adrian says:

    Also confirmed that the girl is a scamer unfortunately.

    1. Warren says:

      She is employed and apparently she is skilled at sweet talking victims on phone.

  15. Muhammed says:

    Please am I the only one experiencing account disabled on my MT4 with this broker?

  16. Osborne says:

    Please help,that one woman who contacted made me believe that she’d make money for me & told me to take a loan & when I tried to withdraw my money,I am unable to withdraw it now. Please help someone ,what should I do? I have been scammed of 1000$ ,they first processed my 100$ & now are declining my withdrawals,please help someone ,that is not even my money

  17. Petros says:

    Hi, is there anyone that found a solution with his money. I lost many too and I am trying to figure that out

  18. Peter Appelt says:

    Hello, I also used their brokerage. There are around USD 10,000 in the account, but I could not reach them anymore. They MT4 stopped working like 2 weeks ago. I would like to join and provide information. Maybe we can stop them at least

  19. Me says:

    Hello everyone,
    I’m from Morocco and I also got scammed in exactly the same way.. it was a girl from Tinder, we have been chatting for so long, we shared a lot of stories, she told me that her uncle who is a professor in Tokyo’s university is providing her with signals about when to trade.. and she convinced me to send 300$ and I was trading for a while.. later, I checked the website and tried to withdraw the money.. but the website is not even working anymore

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