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AssetsFX Review: Is Legit or Scam?

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AssetsFX Trading is a broker that prides itself for “offering the best trading conditions” involving tight spreads, low commission and fast execution.

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The broker’s website ( was registered in February 2012 but their duration of operation does not necessarily mean they are reliable.

This is why we recommend getting a good broker (as highlighted on our homepage) and of course you must also find a proper trading and investing product to make money. 

AssetsFX Trading is operated in the Marshall Islands by a company known as AssetsFx Trading Ltd.

They insist that AssetsFX is a true ECN/STP Forex broker with “commercial grade liquidity providers” from institutions like Barclays, Bank of America and Citi Bank.

In addition to this, the broker is offering its traders access to a trading room on condition that they must open a live account and deposit at least $200.

This is just a way to lure less experienced traders because in reality, this trading room will not guarantee your success as a user of AssetsFX trading platform.

Furthermore, we’re concerned with the regulatory standing of AssetsFX Trading since the broker is operating like Capital EU which does not show their licensing number.

Therefore, even if they are offering good trading conditions, this does not substitute the place of their financial license.

It is still risky to trade with an unregulated broker no matter what.

AssetsFX Trading Review

The only thing that would seemingly attract traders to this broker are their supposed advantages like 0 pip spreads and their acceptance for all kinds of trading styles.

According to their website, traders can use scalping, Hedging and expert advisors.

AssetsFX Trading also tends to run promotions from time to time. However, these also come with conditions and qualifying for a the top can be a daunting task if not impossible.

It’s like gambling where majority do not get the prize but they still participate to the benefit of the casino owner.

AssetsFX Managed accounts

Managed trading account is another type of service that they advertise on their website.

However, the broker is not providing additional details such as who will be trading our accounts as well as verifiable results to ascertain that this service is profitable.

All they want is that traders should contact them to learn more.

This lack of transparency is not acceptable as it’s the right of traders to read this information on the AssetsFX trading website and decide without having to contact the company.

Why we don’t prefer this broker anyway

We noticed that their website is very slow.

In fact, while writing this review, we thought they were out of business as their website loaded after nearly 2 minutes of waiting.

Secondly, some feedback on the internet indicates that the broker is no longer processing withdrawals.

This can only happen with an unregulated broker and it amounts to defrauding traders.

The broker has not given its stand on the matter.

This is expected from an unregulated broker like AssetsFX Trading. It is not coming as a surprise.

Also, we are concerned with the fact that the broker is not providing the popular MT4 trading software.

This software is very popular and is being offered by almost all brokers.

This is something that will discourage many traders from signing up in the first place.


While this broker announced that they have ceased operations, we still find them running their website.

This means they are still open and traders can create an account and deposit money.

The question is whether the finance department is working and people can actually cash out their profits.

All in all, we find this broker to be very unreliable. It would be completely safe to avoid AssetsFX Trading for now.

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