Review: Is Capital EU Scam or Legit? (Capital EU) is a new UK Forex broker since their website just came online October 2020.

We give established brokers (go to our homepage for a list of professional brokers) more priority than brand new Forex brokers who may not have the necessary reputation and experience.

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Despite t Capital EU is claiming that they have the “most advanced platform” and personalized service.

They also claim we can enjoy a wide selection of trading instruments, low spreads as well as powerful trading tools.

I’m not sure how this is supposed to be treated as the truth since Capital EU is not an FCA regulated Forex broker, despite operating out of the UK.

This review is issuing a warning since dealing with a broker like could prove to be financially disastrous.

Capital EU ( account types is providing traders with 4 different account types. The broker offers MT4 trading software in addition to a strange platform that looks like it could be used to trade binary options.

Either way, traders are most comfortable using the popular MT4 trading software rather than using other alternatives.

The minimum deposit is $250 but on the VIP account type, CapitalEU would like investors to deposit at least $50,000.

It is possible to trade Crypto CFDs on these account types with leverage starting 1:10 to 1:40.

In addition to this, Capital EU is also providing a deposit bonus of 50% and up to 150%.

We need to treat these offers cautiously since some shady brokers (especially the unregulated ones) have used bonuses to frustrate traders.

Right now Capital EU is claiming to provide a bonus of up to 150%, and we know very well this is too good to be true.

There must be a fine print that governs how this deposit bonus must be accepted and used.

Generally, we discourage applying for deposit bonuses as we’ve seen them harming traders in various ways. offering technical and fundamental education

Most brokers are now offering this sort of service to their traders but I’ve realized that it is not any helpful.

In fact, you should never use this service as your reason for signing up for a broker’s service.

All of these learning materials can be found on the internet for free and without having to give personal information like email or phone numbers.

Not a regulated broker: what this means is not a regulated broker and this tells us that dealing with them can be quite risky.

I also don’t see why a trader should use an unregulated broker while there are hundreds of regulated ones that offer outstanding trading services.

In short, we don’t encourage using the services of as unregulated brokers are generally shady in nature.

Conclusion appears to be a sleazy Forex broker as we’ve also discovered that they are lying to traders of their regulatory status.

They claim that they are regulated under the company name European Capital Markets Ltd.

European Capital Markets Ltd is a very controversial company as reports also indicate that it is a clone company of another with almost similar name.

If a broker like Capital EU can lie about their regulatory status and affiliations, I don’t think they should be trusted at all.