Ace Crown FX Review: Exposé ( and Scam Warning

This review of Ace Crown FX will prove that the broker is only useful for entertaining clients with a beautiful website but they still remain a scam anyway. The company will rob you even if you use the best trading systems that yield results with these brokers.

Their website ( is full of lies which can be spotted even a mile away. For example, Ace Crown FX claims that their platform currently hosts thousands of customers. But this is a clever strategy which they’re using for purposes of making the business look popular when it’s not.

Keep in mind that the website is only 3 months old. We can prove so by simply searching for the date of domain registration.

As we continue to peruse the website further, we realize that Ace Crown FX is not even licensed. With no valid license and a reliable business address, the broker continues to cheat victims, leaving them with little to no recourse.

For that reason, we find it harder to trust them. We just don’t see how they can be legit.

Ace Crown FX Review: No valid license plus a warning from the FCA

Ace Crown FX is operating out of the UK as the FCA has also confirmed that they are unauthorized to provide financial services in that jurisdiction.

The FCA website has even published a warning concerning this broker and has urged traders to avoid the broker altogether.

Meanwhile, the website is also saying that they guarantee client protection through some sort of insurance.

This is false because this insurance protection is only in place where a broker is properly licensed.

Furthermore, if Ace Crown FX is based in the US as they claim, they would need an NFA license. Unfortunately, the broker does not have one, and even if they tried to acquire an NFA license, they would never qualify for one due to their scamming activities.

Ace Crown FX account types, minimum deposit, leverage, spreads and others

The broker is offering the popular trading platforms called MT4 and MT5 respectively. The platforms can be used both on desktop and mobile devices respectively.

Trading instruments on this website include Stocks, ETFs, Forex and Crypto CFDs. However, there is no information on what the minimum deposit is.

The broker does not talk about their leverage or spreads. Scammers who run brokerages in the offshore regions always want to maintain some level of secrecy but what they don’t know is that this amounts to foolishness.

What to do if Ace Crown FX scams you

In the unfortunate incident that this broker scammed you, there is always recourse by way of chargeback.

In this day and era, chargebacks are common because the number of scammers has also increased on the internet lately. Without chargebacks, we would never survive.

So in case you have been scammed by, we urge you to fill out the form at the beginning of this review to get immediate help.

The Conclusion

This malicious Forex and CFDs broker is definitely not our favorite choice as they have the lowest trust ratings.

Chances of losing money with the broker is very high. They use all those unconventional tactics where they cold call the victim to increase their deposit and afterwards the victim loses a significant amount of money.

If this is your case and after you have done a successful chargeback against this scam, leave a comment below this review so that others will not fall into the trap of Ace Crown FX.