Review: Is WorldFXak Ltd Signals a Scam?

Welcome to the WorldFxAK LTD review. WorldFxAKLTD is a new Forex signal, copy trading and PAMM account provider. The website owner is quite upbeat and aggressive about what they think they can offer traders.

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They even claim that thousands of traders are using their free Telegram signals to make money.

This statement is questionable but we shall come to that later on in this WorldFXAK Ltd review.

Besides this, they want traders to know that people can “watch, learn and earn together” through their service.

WorldFxAKLTD is supposedly made up of a team of 19 experienced Forex traders who provide signals through the website’s Telegram channel.

WorldFxAK LTD is also promoting a trading robot called World Fx A-K artificial intelligence algorithm which allegedly has a win rate of 96.84%. WorldFX AK claims that this FX robot will return 340% on your investment.

Of course every signal provider making these earning claims should provide proof of the same before they can even ask money from traders. Is WorldFxAKLTD providing the proof that traders are looking for?

We will answer this question shortly in our WorldFxAKLTD review.

In addition to this, we will look at their trading robot, their PAMM account, copy trading and signal service to see whether we have a viable trading service for the community.

In the meantime, we recommend these automated trading products since their developers and providers of signals are honest, transparent and can back their trading with verifiable results.

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WorldFxAK LTD review

We’re quite impressed by the professional design and presentation of WorldFXAK Ltd website.

However, the signal provider lacks transparency which is key in inspiring trust before traders can actually hand in their wallet.

WorldFxAK LTD review

Forex Signals appear to be WorldFXAKLtd’s main product followed by their copy trading service.

We don’t know how experienced the traders behind WorldFX AK Ltd are.

According to, World FX AK Ltd website domain was registered in March 2020.

It is quite obvious that these guys are new to the industry and their alleged experience is questionable.

Furthermore, they claim to be a team of 19 Forex traders yet their about us page does not disclose who owns or runs the website on behalf of the “team”.

WorldFXAK LTD tends to focus on the products they offer as opposed to building transparency and making traders feel comfortable with them.

Their phone number suggests that WorldFXAK Ltd is based in the UK but the map they provide on the footer of their website suggests that they’re operating from New York.

Of course we can’t fail to notice these mistakes since WorldFXAK ltd is charging for their services and it’s our right to know who we are dealing with before we can pay for the service. Review: Products and services

  • Free Forex signals: 1 to 2 signals, 90% accuracy and can be copied through the website’s Telegram channel
  • Paid Forex signals: 5 to 8 top quality signals on a daily basis targeting 1000+ pips per day
  • PAMM Account: WorldFXAK Ltd is peddling PAMM accounts with too good to be true 50% weekly returns
  • Artificial intelligence algorithm trading: WorldFxAK LTD claims to use advanced trading strategies which have been automated and can provide 150% monthly returns. This is quite strange!

In addition to this, WorldFxAK LTD wants the trading community to know that they are “reputable for consistency” and will save you time, money and hard work.

They also advertise “unbeatable accuracy” which we think is quite abnormal because no signal provider can have a consistent 90% strike rate.

WorldFXAKLtd signal packages

This signal vendor offers 5 signal plans in total. Depending on the duration of subscription, one can pay $60 per month, $120 quarterly, $180 (for 6 months), $250 annually or $350 one-time payment for life.

Managed accounts (PAMM)

WorldFXAK LTD claims that they’re currently limiting managed accounts to 20 accounts. They want traders to know that their PAMM accounts are traded with minimum risk.

No explanation has been provided to elaborate on what this “minimum risk” means.

Of course there’s a one-time setup fee of $100. This is weird because most account managers operating like WorldFXAK Ltd don’t charge any upfront fee.

Their explanation does not disclose how profits will be shared either. This is quite disturbing.

WorldFXAKLtd automated algorithm

This is a Forex robot programmed for the MT4 trading platform.

The strategy in use include scalping, intraday, grid and conservative Martingale. If you’re a reader of this blog, you’ll probably remember us saying trading systems that use the last two strategies are high risk in nature.

In our years of trading and writing trading product reviews, we’ve never seen a grid or Martingale trading system with low drawdown.

This EA allegedly places take profit at 45 pips and stop loss at 20 pips.

We’re not sure how this works for currency pairs like GBPJPY because such a currency pair encounters large swings and stops can be hit easily.

The vendor also promises a 100% monthly growth of any account that uses their automated trading system.

This bold claim cannot be backed by verifiable trading performance, so let’s just dismiss them on this.

When it comes to strategy of their Forex EA, they want us to know that their Forex robot relies on trend direction, breakout, scalping and intraday trading.

While we appreciate this information, we don’t have any explanation on how entries and exits plus risk management are done.

Yet a license for this Forex robot costs $414. This is just madness.

Trading results

WorldFXAK Ltd is relying on promises of how traders can trade with their over 90% win rate signals.

They make abnormal promises such as 50% weekly returns and 150% monthly returns.

Yet the vendor does not have proof of the same, not even a myfxbook account to prove that they’ve been trading professionally.

This is a common thing in the Forex signals industry. Most vendors just want to promise and sell based on those promise.

When asked whether they have a live account and can prove their profits, they simply back off.

How can we trust a new service like WorldFXAKltd touting these returns when nobody has ever heard of them?

We feel that this is a money losing service.


We’ve deliberately skipped the customer feedback section of our WorldFXAKLTd review because this is a new service with no feedback yet.

But we are sure that in the next coming days or months, we will begin to see people lamenting on how they were cheated by this vendor.

Our conclusion is that WorldFXAKLtd is selling fantasies. There’s nothing to pay money for here. If you want to invest in Forex trading, get a proper trading product on this page and stop believing vendors who claim to make you rich overnight.

Thanks for reading our WorldFXAKltd review. We’d love to read your comments or opinion regarding this service.

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