United Financial ltd Review: Unitedfinancialltd.com Scam?

This unitedfinancialltd.com review will help you make the right decision as to whether you should invest.

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First of all, United Financial Limited is claiming to be a legit CFDs broker.

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Minimum deposit for United Financial Limited is $10,000 but an “account manager” is also soliciting $5,000 which can be paid through PayPal.

Here’s a censored copy of an email I received from an investor who was increasingly getting suspicious of UnitedFinancialLtd.com.

Message Body:

I found your website through searching page 8 of “unitedfinancialltd.com” I reached out to an account manager who sent me some credentials for “United Financial Ltd”

You can check it out below.. it seems like a real 100k account that he only takes 2-3 trades on daily that win… hmm.. not many losses..

Account 18****,
password: abc******
Server: United financial live

Now he’s saying I can deposit 5k into my own broker, let him trade and send him the daily/weekly profits. (at first, it was minimum 10k)

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Funny thing is I researched the broker and found a dead-end (cant register a demo account) which is strange.. it lets me download MT4 but i wont risk getting a virus..

Do you think this is an elaborate scam as he said I can pay funds in PayPal when we withdraw.. we even had a call and he seemed very genuine..

Please get back to me via email (trade@*****) or feel free to telegram me https://t.me******

Thank you

From the email above, one can see that this is a clever game being played by the so-called “account Manager”.

United Financial Ltd review
United Financial Ltd website

All of the “trades are winning”. This simply means someone has full control of the outcome of the “trades”.

So the question is as follows:

Is United Financial Ltd Legit?

The only thing that seems to be legit here is the aesthetic design of their website.

There seems to be a smelly can of worms behind the whole thing.

But as always, a scam like UnitedFinancialLtd must “prove” that they have all it takes to make for a legit broker.

Therefore, MT4 trading platform is also provided.

For starters, this is a platform where users can trade Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash against USD.

Also, according to marketing materials, United Financial Ltd was allegedly launched in 2015.

However, a bit of web snooping will reveal that United Financial ltd was registered in January 2019 and there has never been a trace of this website before this date.

They also claim that they’ve won multiple awards. Some of the awards they display on their website include: “most reliable Forex broker 2013, International Financial Awards 2014, Best Broker 2012 and so on.

These awards are definitely fake because if unitedfinancialltd.com was registered in January 2019, how did they win the awards when they didn’t exist in the first place?

Their website is also displaying two certificates, one saying that West Capital Trading is a Master IB of United Financial.

West Capital Trading is a well-known scam.

Should you invest with United Financial Ltd?

The answer is No. Just don’t throw your money into the drains. This is a scam as opposed to a legit broker.

They are not regulated by any financial watchdog and their ownership is unknown.

Country of operation is also unknown. This fits the description of a scam.


Thanks for reading our United Financial ltd. This scam has employed sleek salesmen who can speak with a silver tongue.

They’ve also created a website that is aesthetically cute and attractive. With these ingredients, the financially naive will fall for the trap.

But now that you’ve read our review, you should be safe.

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