Review: (Trading Automation Software) Scam LLC is a fairly new company that operates from the United States and feels that it can provide quantitative trading technology engineered for the retail trader.

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You can recover your money here with 100% success rate! feels that manual trading is tedious and that many of the so-called automated trading strategies don’t yield consistent returns.

While they discredit the already established trading products in the marketplace, they don’t provide a way to verify the authenticity of their products either. claims that their products are suitable for traders of all levels, plus the company did put together a couple of “profit-taking” videos to demonstrate recommended settings and trading methodology of their software.

Trutrade LLC also provides “expert level guidance” where solutions are tailored towards the private investor looking for truly institutional-grade trading technology.

In addition to this, the company claims that their software are designed to deliver dynamic trade management and that their “private clientele” can receive customized automation because operates without limits.

However, the sales page provides no information about the development team and their experience.

It appears that the company is just focusing on selling their automated trading solutions and not really bothering with building transparency.

We hope will eventually read this review so they can correct this shortcoming.

After all, none of us want to buy products whose vendors are anonymous and unreliable.

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This service was registered in March 2020. They have a complex website compared to what their competitors in the industry have.

The company sells a bunch of indicators but mostly focusing on trade automation.

They have many products which make us wonder whether updates will be pushed in a timely manner.

We generally see that vendors with one or two products tend to focus on their few products to optimize performance compared to those who develop multiple products, thereby losing focus on what should be done. believes that they have what it takes to provide traders with the technology needed to navigate the markets.

Some of the indicators/strategies which they sell include the following:

TruHedge: It’s a system that uses hedging to trade the markets.

Market ripper: an automated EA that scalps accelerating markets.

Volatility chaser: a trading system that comes with built-in money management system and relies on volatility.

Trend following: a system that follows the trend using data to search for high-probability entries while scalping at the same time.

Arbitrage: a set of bots that exploit momentary volatility in the financial markets.

Quantitative bot network: No explanation has been provided with regards to what this product is other than telling us that TruTrade built it with a dynamic risk management module.

MAPRO Global: a tool that automates trades on 3 of your favorite moving average crosses. It also has the ability to let you customize targets.

MACD Pro: Will execute based on histogram slope change and zero cross.

MACD Global: Trades multiple financial instruments and lets traders utilize momentum and scalping strategies.


The company says this is a trade assistance and a software that is native to the trading platform.

TruTraderPro gives traders the ability to execute 3 trades independently while the trade management feature allows for working with trailing stops, moving average position stops, fibonacci targets, independent targets and so on.

Does TruTrade LLC have any verifiable results?

After all has been said and done, we look for one ultimate thing that helps us with the final decision.

Trading results are a crucial part of our reviews and if a company like this one can peddle “high-class” products without myfxbook backing, then we could conclude these products are not as good as the developer would want you to believe.

If the tools are really profitable, why is the developer not using them to make money?

Why are they only focused on selling and no record of live trades being taken by the automated trading tools?


In as much as this company comes across as professional and indeed they invested in a website with many different bits of information, we still feel a bit hesitant in recommending their trading solutions.

I’ve noticed that has so many products and small pieces of information here and there.

It is quite difficult to get a clear understanding of what these individual products do and how they actually trade the markets.

In fact, the presentation is confusing and to some extend cumbersome.

A trader who is ready to make a purchase will simply exit the website due to information overload.

All in all, we don’t feel like this service is right for anyone of us here.

They’re too focused on marketing and not proving the efficacy of their products.

Thanks for reading.

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