Tower Hill Limited Review: Scam?

Tower Hill Limited is a financial service provider that deals in asset management, pension consulting, taxation, “protection”, cash flow and net-worth planning.

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Their asset management service covers stockbroking, fund management and structured investments which span across traditional and alternative investment classes.

Tower Hill Ltd is allegedly trading Commodities, ETFs, Equities, Bonds and real estates.

To find out what the minimum deposit is, customers are encouraged to send them an email to

In addition to this, they claim to offer corporate advisory services.

The service is operated from the domain which was registered in July 2019 according to

Ownership details have not been disclosed. We can’t tell who are the board members or owners of this company.

They also claim to be based in London, specifically on this physical address: St Katharine’s & Wapping, London EC3N 4DJ, United Kingdom.

Tower Hill Limited Review

But according to Google maps, this address is situated in a subway and the only building that we can see here is the Tower Hill Memorial.

There’s no sign of an investment company running business from this location.

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Is Tower Hill Limited legit?

No, this website is not legit and their investment offer is equally suspicious.

They do not have a telephone number on their website and their “physical address” is misleading.

The team behind this website are also anonymous and have been involved in cold-calling potential investors and convincing them to wire money to their multiple bank accounts.

According to New Zealand Financial regulator, Tower Hill Ltd receives wire transfers through the following financial institutions:

  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • UOB
  • DBS Bank
  • China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Ltd

Towerhill Ltd has created multiple bank accounts using different names in various countries.

This seems to be part of a large network of scammers operating from Europe and elsewhere in the world.

In addition to this, TowerHill Limited is actually purporting to provide financial services yet they’re unregulated.

Can you recover money lost through Tower Hill Limited?

Yes it is still possible to recover large sums of money lost in the hands of these scammers.

All you have to do is to utilize the services of these professionals.


Avoid dealing with dubious investment brokerages such as Tower Hill Ltd.

These guys will rip you off and run away. If you would like to invest your money safely, consider these recommendations.

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