Tiger10.com Review: Avoid this (AI Tiger) Ponzi Scheme (its a Scam)

Tiger10.com (AI Tiger) is a website that pretends to invest your money in Cryptocurrency arbitrage trading. Unfortunately, we investigated Tiger10 and found out that it’s a scam. This means anyone who puts his money here will end up losing whatever deposit he invested.

Let us explain to you in this review how Tiger10 is a scam that is running a clever ponzi scheme behind the curtains. If you want real Cryptocurrency trading and investing, visit this page.

Tiger10 (AI Tiger) Review: The dirty company details

They call themselves a ‘quantitative arbitrage platform’. They promise 2.5% daily returns from arbitrage trading. Checking out their physical address, the company suggests that it is based in the US, specifically in Denver.

They further claim that Tiger10 is licensed by FinCEN yet we know that companies offering securities to investors are regulated by the SEC.

When we did a detailed research about this company, we unravelled one lie after the other. We’re specifically concerned with the details of their company registeration.

Tiger10.com is using these details to feign legitimacy and gain trust but company registeration means nothing.

As a matter of fact, the company was incorporated online and using very shady details. The scammers appear to have hired an agent to carry out the registration on their behalf.

Digging into the details which they do not want to discover, we found that the real name behind the entity is ISROILOV SHOMURODJON.

Internet records shows that this name belongs to someone living in Uzbekistan and so we do suspect that the real owners of Tiger10.com are hiding somewhere in Uzbekistan.

Furthermore, the entity is using a rented mail address from PostNet. The address 1312 17th Street, Denver which appears on the Tiger10 website is a rented one that actually belongs to PostNet.

You must therefore ask yourself why these people are actually hiding if they are legitimate as they claim on their website.

The lies on the Tiger10 website

The reason we doubt these guys when they say arbitrage trading is because they are just lying everywhere on their website.

They claim to have launched the business in 2014 but in the real sense the website is very new. The company was in fact incorporated in March of 2022.

This means that Tiger10 is just 3 months old as opposed to 8 years old. It is a new platform and this makes it a very risky investment for everyone out there.

Useless license

As we have said it before in this review, the SEC is the organization that regulates companies that provide securities to investors.

Unfortunately, FinCEN does not do the work of SEC. Scammers who mention FinCEN are doing so to impress you because they know that investors don’t know much about how FinCEN works.

As a matter of fact, any company can enter their details on the FinCEN and the entity will put that data into their database. There is no checking or verifying whether the company is legit or not.

To summarize it, Tiger10 is not licensed and you should avoid it at all cost.

The Conclusion

Tiger10 is a ponzi scheme and any payouts that they may release will be coming from new deposits. Because new users will soon stop coming, the company will stop paying and will definitely collapse.

The owners usually run away the rest of the money when the project is not sustainable anymore. This is what Tiger10 is doing behind the curtains.