The Future Trade Review: A Crypto Investment Scam (

This review will prove to you that the Future Trade is a Crypto investment scam with an agenda to steal your deposit.

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Is the Future Trade Legit?

There’s no way the Future Trade can be a legitimate investment program. The company does not have a specific address for a headquater, thus it claims to have a presence in multiple locations such as UK, Singapore, Seychelles and Marshall Islands.

In the UK, it is incorporated as TFT Global. Is was registered in the name of one person called Campbell Oliver. The surprising thing is that TFT Global is about to be dissolved.

Furthermore, online company registeration in the UK does not mean anything. We’ve seen scams that are virtually incorporated but that does not stop them from scamming investors.

No, in Singapore, the Future Trade is registered as a company that deals in sale of adult clothing. This obviously is a shell company since the real activities of this company are not declared in the incorporation register.

All of these red flags suggest that the Future Trade is not a legit investment platform and you should avoid it altogether.

Are your funds safe with the Future Trade?

If the company is registered in the UK, they should ideally be licensed by the FCA, which is the government agency that is incharge of overseeing the activities of financial services companies in the country.

Apparently theFutureTrade is not one of those licensed companies. This means they are illegally operating in the UK.

You should also expect that this scam site is not authorized to provide its fake financial services anywhere in the world.

The problem with unregulated companies claiming to provide financial or investment services is that they are unreliable and are always having a second agenda. The agenda is to steal your funds because they’re not answerable to anyone about the safety of your funds.

This is yet another reason as to why you want to avoid this scam.

Is theFutureTrade investing in Forex and Cryptocurrencies?

The kind of returns that they talk about show that this is nothing close to Forex and Cryptocurrency trading.

Unless they are using magic, we do not see how they can be so accurate at predicting the financial markets with such a level of accuracy that can generate the kind of ROIs advertised on the sales page.

Just from the numbers, you can tell that the Future Trade is an investment scam. Those figures are meant to excite you and make you think that they are the real deal.

The secret activities of

To cut the long story short, this website is a ponzi scheme. It is collecting new deposits and using them to pay old withdrawal requests.

It has existed for at least 3 years under different website design and vibe but the idea has always been the same.

The website was probably bought by the current owner around 2021 where they decided to continue with the ponzi scheme agenda.

No matter what, a ponzi scheme is always designed to collapse. If they can’t raise enough money from the new deposit, then the owner has no choice but to squander what he has collected.

No payouts will be forthcoming unless it is a very very popular ponzi scheme with thousands of members. Even such grand ponzi schemes collapse ultimately.

A good example of such a ponzi scheme is OneCoin which disappeared with all investors’ funds, and now the chief marketer of OneCoin came up with yet another clever Crypto ponzi scheme called Daxci.

The Future Trade is basically going to collect deposits with little to no payouts coming from them. This is why we warn you not to ‘invest’ a coin here because they will deceive you.

The Future Trade Review: The conclusion

It appears that this Crypto ponzi scheme is targeting silly people who can believe anything and everything.

Their returns are too good to be true and the website is also associated with a shell company. In the UK, the incorporation is about to be dissolved.

In Singapore, it is registered as a company selling adult clothes. There is no evidence that the scam is paying out any investor.

Despite all this, the company is determined to find a few victims whom they will scam.

We warn you against dealing with such corny investment websites as they are just a waste of time. Chances are also high that they may persuade you to invest a huge amount of money which can be a big loss to you.

That is why we tell you to avoid the Future Trade. If they have already scammed you or you lost money to another investment scam, CLICK HERE to get your lost money back.

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