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The Authentic Trader Review: the Steve DeWitt Scam!

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Steve DeWitt of the Authentic Trader at is a smart, silver-tongued salesman who claims to have a super-profitable trading system.

Mr. Steve DeWitt wants to give you his “highly profitable personal trades” each day.

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In addition to this, he is going to fund you with between $30,000 and $150,000 of other people’s money to trade with.

This “long-term profitable trading system” is never losing.

Even the best trading products and services we recommend here sometimes encounter rough rides. This is just part of trading and as long as you’re profitable in the long run, that’s all you require to make money.

Furthermore, the owner of the Authentic Trader has partnered with other “experienced traders” to give you access to their futures trading room everyday starting 8.30am.

In addition to this, the trading school offers daily live Forex signals starting 9.00am EST time.

The Authentic Trader review

These Forex alerts are the same signals that their master trader used to win “15 international trading contests”.

You will watch Steve DeWitt and his partners trade live, and they will give you complete gameplan and training.

The Authentic Trader will basically make you rich overnight if you can pay a one-time membership fee of $297. 

Is The Authentic Trader legit?

Mr. DeWitt has a dirty past where he has been known for promoting several get-rich-quick schemes.

He even promoted a “trader job” at craigslist. This trader job required traders to copy-paste his trade recommendations in order to make ridiculous profits.

This conman first created

The website has since gone under, reason? Mr. DeWitt was described by everybody as a scam artist who misused people’s credit cards.

Shortly after closing down Forex Confidential, he came up with yet another investment educational website called

It costed naive investors $5,000 to buy membership on this site.

All he had for “personal trading performance” was the usual hypothetical performance reuse.

Shortly after, the owner of the Authentic Trader started yet another investment education website called DeWittUniversity.Org.

In the process, he scammed victims by selling them fake trading formula for stock, options and futures.

Basically, this guy has started and closed down a lot of scam websites. We can’t exhaust them here today.


The Authentic Trader is a scam. The trick is simple:

He engages people who are always looking for work-from-home opportunities.

Once he has signed them up, those people are redirected to a promotional video where a person is seen “executing live trades” and showing profits and also claiming he made 100% profits from the trades.

Once the scammer gets their credit card details, the owner of this fraudulent site continues to sucker them into more dirty deals.

They are told to open a broker account where they would copy-paste Steve DeWitt’s trade recommendations.

Of course they would lose.

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