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Through platform, is able to peddle and sell their trading signals and investment products.

The company is claiming to derive their signals from hedge funds and asset managers who operate out of countries like the US, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria.

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Our trust level for this company has been compromised, hence adding it to our usual list of recommended trading resources is proving to be quite difficult. is owned and operated by The website was created in 2011 but official operations began in 2012.

At the time, Sanostro‘s marketing profile claimed that the people running this company had 50 years of experience in trading and investment banking.

Sanostro was also telling its consumers that they could help with developing a hedging strategy for pension funds, insurance companies and institutional investors.

The company that runs is officially registered as SANOSTRO AG and “approved” by the SEC.

You can view this document that shows their SEC approval status.

It is not known how many clients this company is serving but from their Twitter and Linkedin profiles, I can deduce there are not so many investors who have trusted this company with their money.

The purpose of this review is to discuss facts that you should know before trusting or their mother company Sanostro. and Sanostro Review declares on their website that they offer various asset classes where traders can expect signals from the following:

  1. Crypto
  2. Equities
  3. Indices
  4. Stocks
  5. Forex lures investors with their “free 30 day trial” where they claim to deliver up to 100 signals in total.

The rest of the signal packages are paid for upfront, despite the company assuring investors that they won’t ask for your credit card.

This is seen as dishonest as clients who sign up will only realize later on that all their signal packages with the exception of “Fast 100” are paid for upfront.

It would have been better to state that only one package will come with free trial as the others are specifically for premium clients.

Sygnal also markets its signal products by letting us know that they provide quantitative financial analysis in addition to targeting quants with the aim of helping them generate larger revenue streams.

While Sygnal‘s website sounds like a serious vendor, we still don’t know what the quality of their signals will look like in the long term, given that 30 days of trial is such a small sample of data to make conclusions.

It appears that Sanostro exists primarily to back the activities of Sygnal, thus giving them some sort of credibility.

The parent company has established a team of 8 members who further create the illusion that Sanostro is a serious company.

What trading strategy do they use?

Their fast 100 signal package uses trend following techniques to generate signals daily.

The company appears to blend technical analysis with other trading analysis methods. However, they are not telling us how risks is managed by their traders.

There is a lot of generalized information throughout the Sygnal website that it becomes quite difficult to understand how their signals are generated and managed.

We’d like to hear how take profits and stop loss are executed, whether lot sizing is taken into account and so on.

Does provide proof of trading performance?

Verifiable trading performance is something that is hard to come by. Even vendors that appear respectable sometimes don’t want to disclose this info.

The major reason why this is so with some vendors is because they are doggy with their trading activities.

Therefore, you expect to see them promoting their profits while no losses will be declared in their supposed trading statement. claims to derive trading signals from professional hedge fund managers and traders. The problem is that they are not transparent enough to document their performance on statement sharing services like myfxbook.

Even if they can’t do so, they should at least disclose their trading statement before selling their signals to investors.

This transparency makes them gain trust from the consumers as opposed to when they promote the service without actually providing proof of profitability.

Dubious marketing strategies and more controversies

The PR team is good at what they do best. PR articles such as this one makes sound very legitimate.

However, what about an article about this company such as this one?

The author claims that he had a bad experience with Sanostro. He further claims there is evidence that the PR team have used fake positive reviews and gibberish to deceive investors.

Furthermore, I am aware that the company is working with lawyers to threaten victims who will speak up against this company.

I don’t know how true these claims are but I am at least certain that this company is somehow manipulating free speech since they claim to be popular yet no feedback is coming from the alleged customers.

Either they are being threatened or those customers do not exist.

The Conclusion

At this point, I am losing trust on and their partner company Sanostro. If they are a popular financial service, I expect to see some legitimate feedback all across the web since they’ve been around for a decade now.

I don’t expect a legitimate company to engage in cheap PR exercise to forcefully build a reputation.

Furthermore, I can’t find out the reason why lacks transparency. We need to see the performance of their investment portfolio in order to make a better decision.

If this is a difficult request to honor, they should at least follow the long route of providing at 3 months of their trading statement.

If you have any feedback about this company, kindly post it here.

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