St. Clair Capital Group Review: Scam Broker (

St. Clair Capital Group is masquerading as a reliable portfolio management, stock broking and wealth planning company.

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St. Clair Capital Group is operating out of Tokyo and their website ( was created in 2016.

The reason we’re focusing on their duration of existence is that the age of the website can be a factor when determining the trustworthiness of a company.

We have received reports that despite this company existing for at least 4 years now, they have not been a reliable source of investment. claims that it is working with an international clientele to “grow and protect” their assets.

However, our research shows that this company is doing the exact opposite, and making investors lament for their losses as a result of dealing with this broker dealer.

Why St. Clair Capital Group is a scam

They claim that they will help you secure your future because they have a long history of success.

However, when looking at the reputation of the company, we find complaints from at least one client who said they lost $23,000.

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It is also suspected that this company is associated with another real estate investment scam called Value Management Inc (

The reason is because Value Management Inc is able to read all the communications in the email servers of St. Clair Capital Group.

This cannot be possible unless the two websites are owned and operated by the same person.

That said we’re concerned with the regulatory standing of St. Clair Capital Group.

The financial regulator of Japan (FSA) does not have this company on its database. This shows that the broker has neither been registered nor licensed to offer financial services.

When a broker is not licensed, chances are that they are in business with the wrong motive.

This is the reason why complaints are arising because the broker is definitely a scam.

Who runs St. Clair Capital Group?

These stock broking scams have managed to keep their owners under wraps, and this is a red flag.

If they are honest with their dealings, I see no reason why company executives should hide.

You see, even their names have never been disclosed. Yet this company expects investors to trust them with a lot of money upfront.

The bottom line is that you should never trust this company.

Scamming tactics

They provide the address St. Clair Capital Group,8F, Mesonic 38 MT Building 4, Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan and two phone numbers as well.

This is to create the illusion of transparency and honesty.

However, this address has never been scrutinized and chances are high that this company’s physical presence is not associated with the stated address.

They might also call victims out of the blues because most of these Hong Kong based investments scams persuade victims over the phone.

Whatever they do, don’t give in by sending them any money.


St. Clair Capital Group is not a real stock broker. Even their website is not properly maintained, which is why they do not have an SSL cert.

It means every information that you input in their contact form is visible to hackers.

If they’re not getting this right, do not believe for a second that they will invest your money.


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