Review: Legit or Scam Stock Picks? is a daily stock picking service that also sells trading education in addition to a “4 pattern software”.

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The service is run by Dan Charles from Canada who claims that his 4 pattern trading system will help users trade and invest accurately and consistently.

The 4 pattern software sold by is designed for the TradingView charting platform and can be used to trade other markets too.

According to SimpleTrades, the advanced stock picker system is allegedly going to teach individuals to quickly read where a stock is going for the long haul.

The vendor believes that their 4 pattern strategy will produce the best picks for the US large cap and penny stocks since they’ve spent many years testing for the best results.

Today, this review will help you determine whether or not the service is truly ideal as Dan Charles puts it. review

The vendor’s website is straight to the point regarding the kind of product and service they offer.

This professionalism is appreciated. However, we still need much more in order to even consider recommending it to the public.

The vendor’s website has listed reasons why they believe the service is deserving.

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One of the reasons that Dan Charles has put across is that other vendors sell trading systems that they either stopped using a while ago or would not use at all.

Other reasons include:

  • 4 special trading patterns and daily stock picks
  • Advanced stock analysis software that trades Forex, Futures and Crypto
  • Up to 15 stock picks every week

There’s also a trial version of the service/software for traders who are interested.

Although has provided some reasons why they feel we should consider their service, these reasons are actually nothing but a description of the service. plans

Dan Charles is currently selling this service under 3 subscription plans.

The first plan is for traders wanting stock picks or software as opposed to both.

It costs $97/monthly.

The second plan appears to focus on the product and how traders can learn the 4 patterns system. It costs $149/monthly.

The ultimate plan goes for $499 and consists of investment recommendation and daily picks.

But who is Dan Charles?

Dan Charles claims that he has been trading stocks for the last 20 years and that he personally uses his 4 pattern stock picking software.

He also has profiles on Upwork and Fiverr websites where he appears to be peddling this service to potential clients.

Someone who has been trading for the last 20 years should obviously be a profitable trader in 2020.

What he has never bothered to show us is his trading results.

We expect him to provide verifiable trading performance on his website to completely believe his story.

So far, only provides promotion materials and nothing in terms of providing what they claim.

Conclusion has provided a “testimonials” section on their website.

We actually don’t know if there are any website owners out there who will post negative testimonials.

The bottom line is that testimonials is not a reliable indicator for verifying the authenticity of a service.

If we have to rate this service based on testimonials, we would seek them elsewhere on the web as opposed to looking for them on the website.

At this point, providing a redacted broker statement showing Dan’s trades even for the past 1 month would suffice.

Otherwise, we feel hesitant recommending this service.

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