Signals Blue Review: Scam Crypto Signals at

We’re looking at a Telegram Crypto signals provider called Signals Blue which runs its business from the domain

The service insists that they only provide high-quality Crypto signals.

Their Crypto signals are compatible with Binance, Coinbase, Bittrex, KuCoin and Bitmex.

However, they want their clients to use Binance exchange. service even claims they can bypass restrictions for their clients in countries where Binance is not allowed to operate.

Clients who want to learn more can contact them through

Meanwhile, they want traders to know that their service is professional and signals are only dispatched after analysis and consultations are done.

They believe that with this service, traders can change their definition of “the so-called Crypto signals service”.

Signals Blue currently has 3 Crypto signals packages named Blue Premium 1, Blue Premium 6 and Blue Premium Infinity.

The monthly pack goes for £229.99 while the bi-annual plan costs £449.99.

signals blue Crypto review

Traders also have the option to choose the yearly plan which goes for £899.99.

This price tag is definitely higher if compared with good trading service providers with products or services that are pocket-friendly. also maintains that they’re working with advisors and contacts from across Europe and America who are expensive to hire.

The money they charge on membership covers the cost of carrying out business operations with the contacts.

Is Signals Blue Legit?

They’re showing us trading results dating back to May 2018. However, back then, their website was not present on the internet.

There’s also no evidence that their Telegram channel used to exist in May 2018.

We therefore don’t know where they’re getting these results from and why they cannot audit those figures using an independent third party auditor.

They also claim that in the month of June 2020, their Crypto signals accuracy was 95.35%.

Again, this accuracy is simply a figure which has been stated for marketing purposes.

We cannot verify that the service was able to achieve such an amazing accuracy.

Should you subscribe to get Signals Blue Crypto alerts?

While the website is professional-looking, the only thing that can be found here are promises and promotional statements.

We can’t verify their too good to be true results such as their 95.35% accuracy rate.

Signals Blue is definitely not transparent when it comes to their results.

They’re also not providing any trial considering that a service with this price tag must prove their viability or let traders trial for free.

Conclusion looks promising but making a purchase decision will depend on whether the provider can offer a trial before traders pay any money.

If not, we want to see them verifying their trading results.

That is the only way traders can pay hundreds of dollars for their service each month.

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  1. I was also pissed that the services are expensive and there is no trial… But in my case, everything went OK. As agreed, I get signals. It is worth noting that their customer service is really unusually great.


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