Review: Legit Bitcoin Mining or Scam? is allegedly the next generation Bitcoin cloud mining platform.

We don’t know how they intend to produce stable profits in an area that many established firms have failed due to increased BTC mining difficulty.

We recommend trading of Bitcoin, and if you use these professional trading and investing resources, you’ll do well. intends to attract users by offering the “cheapest hashpower” in the market for better profitability.

The service claims to offer 100% uptime, daily return accumulation with no hidden fees and a simple platform interface where users can track and manage their Bitcoin mining activities. was created in October 2020 but is already claiming to have undertaken thousands of transactions on their platform.

We generally don’t trust new websites that claim they to mine Bitcoin for profit.

This website is just too new to trust, and of course in these early stages, there is no way to know whether they are truly mining BTC or running a ponzi scheme.

Therefore, in this review, we will look at the signs and red flags in order to help you stay safe. review

They claim to be a Marshall Islands company with BTC mining servers in China, Russia and Hong Kong.

We can’t verify these claims since it’s not possible to visit the locations if we’ve not been invited to do so.

The website claims that they are an EU registered company which is trusted and audited.

However, by simply registering a company in the EU does not mean they are legitimate.

In fact, there are many ponzi schemes/scams that operate in the EU as registered companies. Bitcoin mining packages

Unlike the traditional Bitcoin mining websites where the service is offered in packages, this website has simply provided their hash power quote.

For $12.50, users will get 1TH/s of mining power. This means that if you invest $1,000 for example, you will possibly get a monthly profit of about $300.

However, you should also keep in mind that due to Bitcoin’s popularity, mining of Bitcoin is increasingly becoming difficult, hence profits are insignificant if you factor in the cost of energy and equipment maintenance.

It appears that this website is hoping to acquire a category of clients who disregard these requirements and only think that it is somehow possible to make a lot of money from mining of Bitcoin.

Is this website really paying?

We’ve not seen any meaningful client feedback about this website and so we are a little bit hesitant when it comes to recommending them. is a very new website making claims that even established Bitcoin cloud mining companies like Genesis and Hashflare could not attain.

We doubt whether they’ll deliver what they say and of course this is a risky industry where profits cannot be verified unless you move in with blind faith.

Since we have no records of clients who are using this service and getting paid, we can’t advice you to use them just yet.

Conclusion is a website that we will keep watching to see what might come out of it.

It might just turn out that they are a ponzi scheme as suspected.

When we find that evidence, we will quickly update this review with new information.

  • I have currently bought myself 2.15 this Haha power I will try cashing my investment in about one week it says contract anytime after 24 hours with full refund minus 5% so I hope to make more then a 5% total fee assuming 5% is of the profit and the return

  • Update I had invested $18.77usd let my contract sit for a week sold out at peak high and I have $31.89usd