Review: MT5 Forex Robots or a Scam?


In this RobertsFX review, we will prove that the Forex robots sold on this URL are all scams.

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RobertsFX Review

Roberts FX is a site owned and operated by Robert Anjas. Mr. Anjas does not disclose his location but claims that he is a professional trader, YouTuber and a million dollar business owner.

No YouTube link has been provided on his website plus a quick Google search does not reveal any information about a trader called Roberts FX.

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So probably most of these statements are made up.

The owner of Roberts FX runs a Discord community which he calls ‘exclusive’.

He also claims that he will give you the secret to passing FTMO evaluation tests, and we’re thinking if he knows how to pass the test, why is he selling his knowledge rather than concentrating on ‘passing the tests’?

As a matter of fact, FTMO is a type of a scam where traders pay money on the promise that if they pass a test, they will be funded with millions of dollars of ‘free money’ for trading.

Can you make money with Roberts FX robots?

Mr. Anjas is selling Hedge Ninja, Grid Ninja and Dollar Ninja. He claims that Dollar Ninja can make 105% in 15 months which is quite reasonable but can he give us the trading performance?

Access to these robots as well as his Discord trading community requires a monthly subscription fee of €49. Lifetime membership attracts a fee of €539.

The owner of RobertsFX website has also posted Youtube videos on his website talking about some of his robots performance.

One particular video is talking about his Dollar Ninja EA and in that video, he shows us a screenshot of his myfxbook account.

In the real sense, the screenshots on the video appear to have been graphically edited because deeper investigations reveal that there is no Dollar Ninja EA on the statement sharing platform (myfxbook).

We’ve tried searching for that myfxbook account to no avail. So we would like Mr. Anjas himself to give us that link.

All in all, the video seeks to convince us that the robots are profitable but we still can’t take this as proof because this video is clearly designed to aid in marketing.

It cannot be trusted, and there is no proof that RobertsFX is selling profitable Forex robots.

Roberts FX review: The Conclusion

This is just another silly Forex game like EA World FX. We don’t encourage gambling your money with these EAs.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Anjas is there to sell you a bogus Forex EA and not to give you something that makes money.

This is why his marketing language is colorful and convincing.

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