EA World FX Review: Avoid eaworldfx.com Scam


In this review, we prove that EA World FX is selling a scam while pretending to offer you a means to earn passive income for a lifetime.

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Is EA World FX legit?

The website eaworldfx.com is selling a bunch of Forex EAs which are not profitable in any shape or form. That is why this website is considered illegitimate because it is scamming consumers by coersing them to buy something that does not work.

The company is also introducing their anonymous team members as trade analysts, computer-engineering experts, mathematicians, programmers and so on.

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EAworldfx.com fails to disclose where this team is operating from. We don’t know whether they have a physical address or are selling these EAs from a virtual office.

Either way, this information is needed because traders tend to trust developers who are open with them upfront.

Why EAworldfx.com Forex robots are a scam

The company has produced a lot of Forex robots in the past. They are called CrushTip EA, Swatmi EA, INTdai EA, Coved EA, Flush Pips EA and Skytrend EA.

Coved EA appears to have been programmed during the Covid 19 period. The only thing to like about this developer is that they’ve taken their time to give a brief description of how each of the Forex robots work.

However, they’re not able to demonstrate why they believe their EAs are profitable, despite selling a license for $250.

What is more, EA World FX is encouraging investors to use the EAs on a $100 account, yet not having sufficient funds in an account is one of the best ways to fail in Forex trading.

We’re looking at the company’s myfxbook account and we can only have many questions to ask ourselves.

First of all, the account is connected to another EA called Brainstorm, which is not among the Forex robots that eaworldfx.com is selling.

There’s no way to confirm whether this Forex robot belongs to EA World FX. They could be showing us someone else’ account.

Secondly, the company is showing us an account that was opened with equiti-me.com. Equiti Group is a Forex broker with shady activities as some of their clients have complained about the broker closing their account when they are profitable.

This is a typical sign of a bucket shop broker. A bucket shop is happy as long as you keep losing. That is why they will kick you out of the platform if you have a strategy that is working and you’re consistently making money.

Equiti Group can be described as one such Forex broker.

Also, we’re bothered by the fact that EA World FX is no longer trading their Forex account with these robots. The Forex account is dormant since August 2021.

The drawdown is also 40%, which is high and unacceptable. If the Forex robot that was used belongs to EA World FX, then that robot is a poor performer.

We believe that if the vendor had a better Forex robot, they would have used it instead of this money losing robot.

In short, paying $250 for any of these robots is a waste of your money. Don’t be scammed.

EA World FX Review: The Conclusion

Don’t buy any of the Forex robots. Don’t transact anything with this vendor as they cannot prove the value of their robot despite selling the EAs for $250 each.

These are the kind of Forex EAs we will never recommend as the loss in your account could be bigger than you want to take.

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