Redwood Capital Management Limited Review: A Fraud?

Redwood Capital Management Limited is running its business from

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My online investigation shows that there are multiple companies sharing the same name.

This appears to be an effort to confuse folks because some of those companies are legitimate, and even regulated by the SEC.

According to Redwood Capital Management Limited, the company has been serving private and institutional clients for decades.

They claim to provide investing opportunities in the global markets.

Surprisingly, the domain of their website is just 1 year old, while the company was created 10 years ago.

Further research into the matter shows that the company was initially called WISE SOURCE LIMITED.

Why did they change their name? We presume the company changed hands or they ruined their history, so this is another attempt to conceal facts.

In addition to this, the company fails to disclose the founders, directors or any other executive in charge of their website operations.

Is this some sort of fraud?

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Redwood Capital Management Limited Review

Services that are allegedly provided by this website include the following:

1.Wealth Management

2.Institutional Strategies

3.Investment Management strategies

4.Investment advisory

The company is even offering lessons about trading. Just fill in a simple form and someone will reach out to you with a sales pitch.

They fail to disclose what kind of lessons are involved in this training.

As opposed to an established trading school with a track record, this company just needs the financially naive to move in blindly.

How they “do” their job

Redwood Capital Management Limited claims that their approach involves fundamental research and risk analysis.

The mumbo jumbo on the company’s website is meant to bewilder any desperate investor.

They claim to have “niche competitive advantage” and the ability to generate free cashflow during market cycle.

They want to generate “high or increasing return” on capital.

They claim to follow a 6 step investment process. This is a sales copy that is created with the aim of establishing contact with someone from the company.

They can be contacted through phone +852 58036410 or email. No live chat at the moment.

Conflicting information

Redwood Capital Management Limited claims that the company is regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission.

However, another part of the website is discussing why the company does not need to be regulated.

Being an independent advisory firm, Redwood Capital’s advisors are not governed by an overseeing institution, meaning we are free, willing and able to offer appropriate advice to clients on any financial product; all the while guaranteeing impartial advice, geared to your financial goals.

Ideally, this company is claiming to be regulated by the country’s Securities and Exchange commission — and the question is where do we find it in the regulator’s listing?

Offering investment advisory services without a license is illegal.

It is a shame that this company is even contradicting the information which they had previously provided on their website.

They’re probably hoping to get the best of both worlds, i.e pretending to be regulated and on another hand giving excuses as to why they don’t need any license.

Redwood Capital Management LTD is 10 years old!

It is indeed true that the company was registered in 2010.

The question is why didn’t they register their website at that time?

Is it even possible for a fund manager or investment advisor to operate without a website?

It appears that prior to creating, the company was operating another website.

My suspicion is that when they ruined their reputation, they closed down the former website, changed the name of the company and started a new one.

Get the news out there!

In the process of digging the internet for scams like Redwood Capital Management LTD, I’ve learned that all con artists rely on shady marketing tactics to appear legitimate.

The first tactic is definitely the copying of other companies’ names to give it the veneer of legitimacy, and to make the sucker who refuses to do any due diligence a quick prey.

The second tactic leverages on the power of press release.

The fraudsters have resorted to using cheap PR websites like AccessWire, Market Press Release, PRLog etc.

Their endorsement is also on Yahoo Finance. This is how frauds are able to post on Yahoo Finance:

1.They make use of content press release or newswire networks.

2.For a fee of $1,000 (depending on the popularity of the platform), the fraudster can get his news published across major sites.

3.Many eyeballs will see the article and quickly conclude that the company is legitimate.

4.Suckers will engage the company, while desperately seeking to invest with the company.

5.The company collects the money from the victim.

6.Wash, rinse and repeat!

Boiler Room Salesman

Redwood Capital Management Limited is known to employ shady tactics like cold calling.

The sales guy usually has a strong British accent to give the illusion of legitimacy.

The script goes like this:

1.You receive a phone call out of the blues.

2.Gentleman on the other end introduces himself to you.

3.A quick discussion of the company and its offering is often involved.

4.They solicit your investment by telling you a lot of great opportunities that can help you attain financial freedom.

When you start to really question the sales guy, he grows extremely cold and uncomfortable.

When things get really hot, the boiler room salesman will eventually quit.

Who is Redwood Capital Management Limited?

The website fails to disclose the faces behind the company.

They are anonymous for a very good reason. A cyber criminal does not want to get exposed, so they will do their best to hide.

The only thing that is connecting you with them is a frontend platform like a website and probably a phone number.


I’m usually tired by the time we get here. However, I feel like adding one more thing:

That Redwood Capital Management Limited is not regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

When you lose a substantial amount of money to these guys, what is the procedure for lodging an official complaint?

Is there any chance that you will recover the lost money?

Before this question even arises, what broker does this company use?

Are they regulated and of reputable conduct?

The only thing that I can praise Redwood Capital Management Limited for is their clever marketing strategy.

However, the red flags are one too many, which makes the company look pathetic.

Thanks for reading.

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