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Razermarkets.com Review: Razer Markets a Scam Broker?

Razermarkets.com is a Marshall Island based broker offering 4 account types with a minimum deposit of €250.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a reputation just yet and if you don’t know how to trade for consistent returns, we recommend signing up for this AI managed account service.

Razer Markets feels that they can help clients achieve their financial goals.

They offer webinars, trading signals and online chat support alongside the main service which is obviously trading of financial instruments.

They promise increased quality of pricing, transparency and speedy execution.

Razermarkets.com also claims that they want to keep traders up to date with the latest market changes and news.

The truth is difficult to establish without reading a review like this.

razermarkets review

We will therefore conduct an investigation regarding the various aspects of the broker including their online reputation to help you make a decision.

Razermarkets.com review

Their website is very new as it was created in July 2020.

Trading instruments include Forex, Commodities, Indices, CFDs, Crypto and Shares.

The below highlights the various features of Razer Markets account types:

Variable spreadsYesYesYesYes
Account ManagerYesYesYesYes

We actually don’t know why Razermarkets is telling us that their minimum deposit is €250 when their account types page says that this deposit is 500.

Razermarkets review: Trading conditions

A word on Spreads

Razermarkets claims they their trading accounts come with variable spreads starting 0.1 pips.

We currently don’t have a proper breakdown of their typical spreads for popular currency pairs like the EURUSD.

Most professional brokers will publish live spreads on their website via a widget.

So at the moment, it is hard to tell whether Razer markets is an expensive or affordable broker to trade with.

Also, there is no word on commission. We suspect that the broker is not charging any commission.


It’s up to you to decide what leverage you want to use.

But typically the higher the leverage, the more you risk your equity.

You should therefore gain sufficient training (use Forexsignals.com) if you have no idea.

Currently Razermarkets is offering leverage starting 1:200 which is good enough for most retail trading.

Trading Platform

This broker supports two most popular trading platforms namely MetaTrader and WebTrader respectively.

Choosing MetaTrader 4 platform for your trading will ensure that you have access to a wide variety of charting features and applications.

You can use the best expert advisor to automate your trades on the MT4 platform.

On the other hand, the WebTrader platform is convenient for trading without having to download any software.

It has the same features and interface as the downloadable MT4.

Either way, we expect all brokers to have these two platforms in their list of basic features.

Razermarkets.com company background

This broker is operated by a company known as Razermarkets Ltd.

They are obviously an offshore broker with no license to permit them to offer any kind of financial services.

We highly discourage trading with an unregulated broker as money sent to an unregulated broker will most likely be lost.

You can check out our list of regulated and most recommended brokers here.

Apart from this, their marketing materials claim that they have 22,000 clients.

This claim is far-fetched because today the competition in the Forex marketplace is fierce.

There is no way a new broker can enter the market and immediately get lots of clients.

These stats are therefore not verifiable. Probably they just want to pretend that they are popular which is not the case …. at least for now.

Online reviews/feedback

There are no client feedback anywhere on the internet to support the claims of this broker.

Before you start trading with a broker, you should look at professional reviews or at least client feedback out there to ascertain the truth.

Currently Razer Markets is very new and they probably don’t have any clients just yet.


Razer Markets has a nice professional website which is straight to the point.

However, they are automatically disqualified because no sane Forex trader can do business with an offshore and unregulated broker.

Secondly, it sends chills down the spin to even think that one is going to invest $500 on a broker with zero feedback.

For us, this broker is a no. If you want to find good brokers, you can do so on this page.


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