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Welcome to the review. We cannot add this website into our list of recommended investment resources due to reasons we have highlighted in this review.

Are you looking for a good investment platform or Forex broker? Here is a list of brokers and investment platforms we recommend for your financial success. first appeared online in June 2020. The company is owned by Greg Limon, but other people are also involved.

The website claimed to offer Cryptocurrency investing through margin trading contracts and trading via API.

With the help of “Qubit trading bot”, investors who deposited at least 100 USDT ($100) were promised daily returns of +1.38%.

Currently, is claiming to leverage on Quantum Technologies and neural network data processing to provide passive returns.

Their website claims that the company is operating from Estonia, though we highly doubt this statement because they still claim elsewhere that the company is in Thailand.

Today our review will provide a quick overview of this company, its products and services, in order to let you know whether it’s a scam or a worthwhile investment endeavor. Review

The website contains a lot of information but no evidence that actually these products or services exist.

This is a common trend with MLMs and there’s absolutely no doubt that we have an MLM at hand to write a review of.

The products in question are as follows:

1.Digital Licenses

2.Corporate Licenses

3.Trading Robots (API)

The website of QubitTech also posts information on “live trading statistics” and a reward calculator for projecting returns based on the licensed that a user chooses.

It should be noted that this website is only accepting deposits in USDT (Tether), BTC and ETH.

Currently, they claim that the there are 63.97% profitable trades and 35.89% losers.

The total results/profit of their trades is 561,875 USDT.

Of course there is no way we can verify if these guys are actually trading and generating profits from Cryptocurrency investing.

So this information is useless at the moment.

The QubitTech digital licenses

Of interest is their so-called digital licenses.

There are 8 “investment plans” under this product. Investors are promised a 250% return which will be paid in USDT.

Silver 1,000USDT

It should be noted that weekly withdrawals are capped at the same amount which is equivalent to the cost of the plan.

So if an investor chooses Bronze+, they can only withdraw a maximum of 500USDT in a given week.

On the other hand, the minimum withdrawal is 10 USDT.

Monthly returns will be 25%.

Once the alleged 250% ROI has been paid out, the plan expires. Affiliate Program Benefits

As always, an MLM’s funding structure is driven by recruits, in this case affiliates.

There are up to 4 levels in the affiliate structure. Matching bonus is up to 20% while binary bonus is 12%.

The maximum that an affiliate of QubitTech can be rewarded is 100,000 USDT.

It should also be noted that affiliates will be rewarded in “digital licenses”.

It’s not clear whether affiliates can request withdrawal of their digital licenses in exchange for the USDT equivalent of that license.

Other features offered by this MLM

They have a mobile app on the Google Playstore.

They provide the following features to their members:

1.Doublespin iGaming

2.Crypto Local P2P platform

3.QubitTech Academy


Doublespin iGaming is just an online casion while Qphone is an anonymous phone service.

The definition of their QubitTech academy is however self-explanatory.

This is basically where they provide tech support, instructions, auto sales funnel and notifications.

Who’s behind

The list of people associated with this company is long, so we will only focus on the Founders.

The service lists Greg Limon as the Chief Executive Officer and Marc Swickle as the Chief Marketing Officer.

It’s easy to see why Marc Swickle is the CMO since his career profile suggests he owns a digital marketing company.

Marc Swickle is also a managing member of New York based company called Globalis Capital Solutions.

Globalis Capital Solutions offers a collection of services geared towards helping companies succeed in their various endeavors.

They’re working in the IPOS, Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisition areas but no direct relationship with MLMs.

Also, Marc Swickle’s career profile does not mention his association with

We fund this rather awkward.

This is the same case with Greg Limon’s career profile. This guy is always moving from Toronto, to London and Moscow.

Nothing can explain this reason for hoping from one country to another.

However, we have seen this trend with most CEOs running illegal MLMs and pyramid schemes.

Greg Limon is currently the Co-Founder of DigimaxCapital.

He claims to have 30 years of experience in Fintech, Commodities Trading, Biotech, Real Estate, Fundraising etc.

One look at his professional profile suggests that he is always hoping from one unsuccessful project to the next.

Why he does not want to associate himself with is the big elephant in the room.

Other services offered by this MLM

This website promises its affiliates attractive travel discounts of up to 40%.

They also tell affiliates that they can acquire their favorite car for 60% discount.

This is obviously too good to be true, and we suspect that these offers are meant to convince investors to join the MLM.

As if this is not enough, they also promise affiliates 70% discount on any housing property of their choice.


After all has been said and done, we end up with lots of concrete evidence suggesting that is a scam.

The trick is simple. They setup a website with the help of people who have some sort of experience in this game.

They collect revenue in Cryptocurrency by claiming to return passive ROI of up to 250%.

They of course have fake reviews or feedback from sites like TrustPilot and if you search reviews on Google, that falsified reviews will come up first in the results.

An MLM does not have a legitimate way of generating returns. They are neither trading nor selling products, and if they did, they would never share profits with you.

This is why the idea of automated trading using bots is coming into the picture.

They use it to convince naive investors and to avoid further questioning.

W also do not see any evidence of how the site uses Quantum Technologies to generate returns to its investors.

There is zero explanation beyond stating that the company was founded on the idea of Quantum Technologies.

In the end, we anticipate the number of investors to go down because eventually people will be cautious about these kinds of websites.

And then Greg Limon and his team of crooks will shut down the website, and run away with all the revenue they made from deposits.

Are you searching for a reliable and legitimate investment platform or Forex broker? Here's a quick list of recommendations with 5 star rating.

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  1. They don`t deliver what they promise. Its a scam !
    I am a member for about 8 months and when the license expires, you don`t get any money back.
    Furthermore, I can`t withdraw money as they have changed their platform.

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