Quantfury.com Review: Scam or Legit broker?

In this Quantfury Trading Limited review, we warn you against using the brokerage platform because they are a scam.

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Is Quantfury Trading Limited a legit broker?

The domain of the website that we’re talking about is quantfury.com. They are a tricky broker because their website deceives you with good offers and makes you believe they are the best.

And then Quantfury.com also claims that they are regulated by the Securities Commission of Bahamas. Unfortunately, this offshore region does not have strong Forex brokerage regulations. 

The financial regulator in this region does not truly enforce their regulations on errant brokers, and for that reason, scams thrive.

Now, Quantfury wants investors to fund their accounts in the most popular Cryptocurrencies in order to trade Stocks, Crypto, Indices and ETFs.

We didn’t include them in our list of the most popular brokers to trade with because the credibility of Quantfury is questionable.

Their website was registered in January 2017, and has been claiming to be “Everybody’s honest trading” platform where neither fees nor commission is charged.

Quantfury provides a mobile app which they claim is intuitive and will make investing easy.

In addition to this, the broker has claimed that they’re transparent, thanks to publishing of user data anonymously in the smart contract and IPFS.

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Today our Quantfury.com review will let you know whether this platform is truly worth your time and investment.

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Quantfury review

The Crypto broker has a basic website that tells us about all the features they offer.

However, despite this, we feel that it is unsafe to trade with this broker as we’ve seen evidence that they’ll probably run away with your money.

We start this review by pointing out that Quantfury does not provide the famous MT4 trading platform.

Most traders now prefer MT4 or MT5 to these other trading platforms.

Obviously the MetaTrader platform is diverse, and comes with lots of useful charting functions.

However, what Quantfury has is a strange mobile app for a trading platform, and we definitely don’t trust this software.

We suspect that concerns regarding the security of user data will arise at some point.

It’s also a fact that this app cannot be as efficient as the MetaTrader platform.

Who runs Quantfury.com?

These people are 100% anonymous, which makes their business very suspicious.

They provide a generic introduction statement where they claim that this brokerage is a team of digital natives with “deep expertise in financial markets”.

We would like to know who these people are and where they’re running the business from.

Is this broker regulated?

While investigating the broker, we realized that they are a blacklisted broker already.

The CNMV (Financial watchdog) in spain blacklisted and warned that Quantfury is not authorized to provide any financial services to their citizens.

When financial regulators come out loud to warn investors, it’s always best to avoid the website in question.

If a broker is not regulated or licensed, it means they have a second agenda which is not in line with those of their customers.

And in this case, their clients will always turn into victims as they end up losing money to the dubious broker.

Questions to ask yourself concerning the scam broker credibility

If they are legitimate as they claim, they should be achieving the results which they’re purporting on their website.

We cannot see any transparency in this broker’s website despite them wanting us to know that the company is transparent.

They are not regulated yet we know that all legitimate brokers are indeed licensed.

Since they were established in 2017, we expect them to have build some credibility on the internet unlike some new brokers we see around.

Unfortunately this is not the case. The broker has zero reputation and trust rating.

This is clearlu something to avoid.

Also, their website does not provide contact details and no address whatsoever.

Why is this so? It’s because Quantfury is just a scam that will make traders lose their money in their dirty game of trading.


Truth is that Quantfury is a bucket shop operation as opposed to a genuine brokerage that will let investors trade legitimately.

The company has lots of negative reviews on the internet, which makes it a very risky venture to trust and trade with.

It looks like they come from Canada since one of their ex-employees claimed that the broker was facing lots of pressure from Canadian regulation.

I don’t know what this means but whatever the case, Quantfury is clearly not a good/legit broker.

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