Pro Trading University (AJ Capital) Review: The Scam! -

Pro Trading University (AJ Capital) Review: The Scam!

Thanks for reading this review of AJ Capital (Pro Trading Unversity).

AJ Capital, aka is peddling snake oil investment systems with incomplete myfxbook results.

The vendor, only known as AJ, is claiming to have successfully turned in profits for the last 10 years.

Additionally, he claims all students who graduated from Pro Trading University are consistently profitable. This guy even proclams that he outperformed top hedge fund managers around the world since 2018.

The website of AJ Capital is a well-oiled marketing machine that sells all the fantasies of trading. It is targetting the financially naive who are looking for a way to make overnight riches.

In fact, Pro Trading University is luring traders and investors using a 2 day free event. Upon completion, students get access to a secret trading system that makes 100% returns in the first month.

To feign legitimacy so that it can look like the real deal, AJ Capital’s website has also posted logos of well-known Forex and brokerage companies, suggesting that these companies are somehow affiliated with Pro Trading University.

In short, the marketing is well-polished and clever! Including it in our list of covetted trading and investing products/services would be an outright lie and total disaster to the trading community.

AJ Capital (Pro Trading University) Review: The marketing bullshit

The company in question is called AJ Capital Management. The owner of this company has a big fat ego.

He would like the financially naive to believe that he is very rich — and that his students buy Maserati with trading profits.

He would like you to know that he owns a money management firm that handles over 8 figure dollars in trading capital.

He also wants you to believe that he became the youngest, highest paid trading consultant at the age of 21.

Also, his website has posted an “exclusive” video interview with a supposed TV girl because this vendor would like to give you the usual rags to riches story — i.e how he started trading, made 70% profits in 20 minutes, wiped several accounts thereafter before meeting success.

We’ve all heard these make-believe stories of supposed trading gurus. This will not be the first time.

The purpose of this marketing is to make people believe that AJ Capital posses a “5 step secret formula” that makes money with zero effort.

This leaves us with a few questions to ask and find answers to.

  1. Is the owner of Pro Trading University consistently profitable as he claims?
  2. How did the owner of AJ Capital really make wealth?
  3. Is he a con artist or a professional swindler?

Evidence in the trading results (AJ Capital myfxbook portfolio)

When looking at the myfxbook performance page for the allegedly successful trading systems of ProTradingUniversity, I found a couple of reasons to be concerned.

First of all, the owner of AJ Capital is a slippery dude. He is not as transparent as I’d like him to be with his trading performance.

I would also like to find out if he actually has proof of his successful trading in the last 10 years as proclaimed on his AJ Capital website.

I feel that there’s no proof of this 10 years of successful investing. So to make up for the questionable gap, the owner of Pro Trading University is giving access to the myfxbook profile of his company with a couple of trading systems to focus on.

The earliest trading systems were posted in mid 2019, and performance figures like drawdown are quite disturbing as we are seeing figures as high as 39%.

That aside, the track record for some of his trading systems have not been verified by myfxbook, although they can still be found in the portfolio of trading systems owned by this vendor.

It also appears that these systems are no longer in use as the vendor’s tracking update is several months behind.

The last straw that broke the camel’s bone would be the inconsistent figures would be the inconsistent figures between gain and absolute gain.

These two figures are always the same in the event that all profits are coming from the market.

In this case, the owner of AJ Capital manipulated his results by consistently adding more money to the respective trading accounts to create the impression that the strategies are profitable in the longterm.

In short, this is a pathetic financial hack. The owner of Pro Trading University is simply a cheat who has perfected the art of lying and swindling his students with trading strategies that do not work.

The Conclusion

At this point in time, we learn that even the most polished trading educator can easily turn out to be the most aggressive but silent investment fraudster.

Nothing in the Pro Trading University’s website proved that this vendor is successful. His myfxbook profile didn’t prove it either.

The only thing that is left for this trecherous trading guru is to create and post marketing videos and stories of his supposed wealth.

He has also done it by creating screenshots of his supposed happy students chatting with him on various social media platforms.

All of these things don’t validate his supposed success.

In the end, many people will fall for this trap and even part with money they didn’t plan to use. Simply stay away from AJ Capital.

PS: If you are the owner of ProTradingUniversity, I invite you for an email conversation to prove that this review is false.

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