Patterntrader Software Review: Scam? is peddling a strange software that trades the financial markets using pattern recognition strategy to make over $2,000 per day.

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Patterntrader software is allegedly analyzing more than 50 aspects while searching for trades.

The algorithm is supposed to use real-time market analysis and it is also tweaked to recognize pattern trades that make money.

So far, this is all that the website is telling us concerning this “super-profitable” trading app.

Patterntrader software review

There is no real strategy here to start with. Also, the style of marketing on this website suggests that they are selling a get-rich-quick trading software.

Traders are advised to exercise caution. If you would like to trade the Forex or Crypto market, follow the instructions on this page.

2k per day is something we can’t be guaranteed because income in trading is affected by so many factors.

Is Patterntrader legit?

No, this web page and software therein is a scam.

The author is anonymous and their website is also very new and not popular.

They have failed to produce proof of the said income which this software makes per day.

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There’s no real trader out there who used this software to generate the said figures.

Equally, the author does not seem to be a user of this software. He is just selling a well-oiled scam.


You should never fall for such cheap scams that portray how easy it is to make money from the financial markets.

Pattern Trader is an anonymously owned website. The promises on this website don’t make sense.

The trading strategy is also unknown, and so is risk management.

So how can this software be profitable?

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