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Optimum Trades LLC Review: It’s a Scam

Our review warns investors that Optimum Trades LLC, which operates from optimumtradesllc.com, is a clever scam.

Traders and investors should consider using well-known professional trading and investing services instead of a scam like Optimum Trades LLC.

By the way, optimumtradesllc.com is related to redoxtradesllc.com. They’re owned by the same person.

Optimum Trades LLC was registered in January 2020 while Redox Trades LLC was registered in August 2019.

The two are working in tandem to draw in victims from their traffic.

Our focus is on Optimum Trades LLC because it’s the most convincing of all.

Apparently, the owners are anonymous, thanks to a not so useful about us page.

Optimum Trades LLC review

This website supposedly offers a combination of multiple investments.

At the same time they claim to trade Forex using high prediction robots.

Other services that they allegedly offer include:

1.Healthcare insurance

2.Education insurance

3.Real Estate investing

4.Cryptocurrency arbitrage trading

Each one of these investment categories will allegedly provide a different kind of return.

Looking at the returns, one can obviously see that this website is some sort of an MLM offering.

Costs and returns

Optimum Trades LLC is allegedly providing healthcare insurance where premiums costs $20,000 per year or $12,000 semi-annually.

This service is allegedly targeting investors in USA, United Arab Emirates and China.

They force clients to take this health insurance policy for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 20 years.

If you decide to sign up, this will mean paying $40,000 upfront.

There are problems with this kind of operation. We will talk about them later.

With regards to their education insurance, they claim that this product is created for parents who would like to save towards their children’s education.

Minimum premium is $5,000 and the least number of years that one can subscribe to this policy is 5 years.

This means parting with $25,000 upfront.

More information about the supposed insurance policies can be found on the website of Optimum Trades LLC.

In addition to this, they supposedly offer real estate investing where daily returns will start at 1.7%.

The minimum investment in real estate is $100,000.

They claim that 30% initial payment while apply while 60% will be used to subsidize trip to the property.

The first part of this statement does not make sense and we would therefore like a clear elaboration of what they mean by “30% initial payment”.

Their Crypto arbitrage investing is supposedly paying 1.5% daily for 24 weeks.

The minimum investment would be $1,000.

On the bear minimum, these are the amounts that “investors” would pay if they would wish to participate in the “investment offering” provided by Optimum Trades LLC.

And as you can see, this is a lot of money.

We’re not sure if any investors would be willing to pour his money into this dubious scheme without first doing their due diligence.

No evidence of trading

Now that they claim to trade Forex, it would be worth showing us some kind of proof to support this claim.

Proof should be produced in form of redacted broker statement showing the trades they took in addition to profits and losses.

The only evidence we have is that this scam is not working or trading on any Forex broker’s platform.

They cannot possibly trade Forex without using a broker. So clearly this is a lie.

Too Good to be true returns

Their Crypto arbitrage trading plans are promising daily returns as high as 1.7%.

If you have been trading for a while, you should realize that such returns are impossible to achieve in the world of Crypto trading.

No matter how profitable a strategy is, it cannot make more than 20% a month.

Any website that says otherwise is definitely a scam to be avoided.

Optimum Trades LLC is not a registered company

Even if you fail to see other red flags, you should question why a website using the name LLC is not registered anywhere.

They claim to be based in Toronto, Canada. We doubt this fact.

They are not transparent enough to even disclose the name of their CEO/Founder. So we don’t think they’ll ever disclose their location.

Secondly, due to the nature of products they offer, they need a license from a financial regulator and even from the insurance oversight in the country they operate from.

Note that Optimum Trades LLC is asking for a huge investment, claiming to put the money into various investment schemes to produce a profit.

All websites that provide some sort of financial services involving a lot of money exchanging hands need to be regulated.

Since they’re also offering an insurance product, they need to be regulated on this basis as well.

But as you can see, Optimum Trades LLC does not have any licence, which means they are illegal.

Only scams will operate like this because they can’t qualify for a license.

Optimum Trades LLC and many other lies

The first lie is that funds of investors are insured by a body called CDIC.

The website of CDIC can be found here and if you ask them, they will tell you they don’t insure scams and secondly they know nothing about Optimum Trades LLC.

These lies prove that OptimumTradesLLC is nothing but a shady website and a scam that will run away with a large chunk of your investment money.


Optimum Trades LLC is a ponzi scheme and a clever one indeed.

They want to recycle funds on the platform to convince investors that they are real.

But if they are legitimate as they claim, why are the owners faceless?

Secondly, they have zero evidence of their trading and investing activities in areas such as real estate.

How then do they convince investors that Optimum Trades LLC is investing in real estate in Dubai?

The simple truth is that this is a ponzi scheme where the owners will run away with 95% of the funds.

Those who enter it earlier on may receive some “returns” to convince them to make bigger deposits, hoping to make more returns.

When this happens, the investor losses his money altogether.

And the platform will most likely shut down if the number of new recruits slows down.

It’s as simple as that.


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