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On Point Fx Signals (by Ricky Andrade) Review

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On Point FX Signals is a Forex signal vendor claiming to provide high probability strategies from experienced 6-figure income earners.

They proclaim to be The #1 Trading Discussion, Signal Delivery & Forex Training Platform in the world.

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It feels like these proclamations are mere exaggerations, and unless the vendor documents his trades using third-party statement sharing services, we can’t take their word for it.

The community needs to consider trading products and services from vendors with verifiable track record, not those who make the most promises. also “guarantees” 250+ pips ever week, 85%+ signal win rate and VIP access to a chatroom hosted by traders with 3+ years of experience.

On Point Fx Signals is operated by Ricky Andrade who also runs another Forex education website called Market Mastery Academy.

With a 7 day free trial and a subscription worth $77 per month, Ricky Andrade believes that traders can learn how to make thousands of dollars per day.

The promotion statements on the On Point FX Signals website are quite bold and far-fetched.

In fact, vendors like Ricky Andrade keep making these bold claims on the internet, which can be interpreted as unprofessional.

The location of this signal vendor is unknown. Only a phone number ( +1 (800) 601-1719) and an email address has been provided.

It appears that Ricky Andrade is running this service from the US.

That said, the aim of this review will be to discuss the different aspects of the signal service, letting you know whether it’s something you can spend money on.

On Point Fx Signals review appears to be a doorway to the Market Masters Academy trading school.

It’s quite intentional because the website of On Point FX Signals does not provide a lot of information about the service.

Mr. Andrade‘s landing age only provides a few points on why he believes his signal and education service is the best.

He makes several bold marketing declarations where his aim is to invite traders for the free trial, ultimately convincing them to sign up for the Market Masters Academy which sells Forex education for $150.

Currently, the service is offering unlimited access to a trading discussion group, training and up to 6 Forex signals per day.

On the other hand, the free signal group is offering between 1-3 signals per week.

Other than stating what On Point FX Signals offers in a few points, the website of this vendor has nothing much to offer.

Trading Strategy

As we’ve hinted above, this vendor is not after giving much information about their service using the On Point Fx Signals landing page.

I’d prefer signal vendors that provide detailed strategy insights so that traders can decide whether they are comfortable with the strategy or not.

Also, this vendor did not provide information about Forex pairs that he prefers, timeframes and when subscribers are supposed to expect a signal alert.

This is certainly the wrong way of presenting a Forex signal service.

Mr. Andrade is certainly making a big mistake here. It would be difficult to compete with some of the most established Forex signal vendors on the internet.

Ricky Andrade’s track record

It’s not clear whether Ricky Andrade is a professional trader with a verifiable track record.

On Point FX Signals does not show us any samples of trades where the vendor managed a win rate of 85%+.

The usual way to present credible results is by showing us a fully verified myfxbook account where we can see the trades that Ricky Andrade is executing.

Unfortunately, the sales page is just making empty promises of how they achieve 250+ pips per week with nothing to back this claim.

It is quite embarrassing. It tells the community that Ricky lacks the seriousness that a professional Forex vendor must show if they wish to sell their signals.

With a service like On Point FX Signals, traders can only make losses.

If the vendor lacks transparency, it means they are either making losses or not trading at all.

Also, this website was registered in December 2017, but Mr. Andrade has successfully managed to conceal the internet history of the domain.

Normally this information can be checked on the WayBackMachine platform to see what business the website was involved in prior to selling signal services.

If you can’t find any screenshots of the website, then it means the owner has paid for a service that conceals the history of their website from the snooping eyes of the public.

Also, con artists have used this feature a lot lately.

The testimonials on the On Point Fx Signals website

The signal vendor does not indicate that transparency is something they’re bothered with.

In fact, there’s a bunch of testimonials on this website which appear totally fabricated.

For example, someone claimed that they made $1226 in the morning.

Another one declared $435 and you know what? All of these writings are not from real traders.

Furthermore, when I did other background checks on the FPA forum, I found irrefutable evidence that Mr. Ricky Andrade is a swindler.


Considering the negative feedback from the community and the lack of transparency, we can conclude that On Point FX Signals is not the kind of service to use for your trading.

While they’re offering free signals (which is a good move), this should not be an excuse not to talk about their strategy and approach to trading.

Also, the weekly free signal service are too far apart.

They don’t give traders a good feel of the service, and it can be extremely difficult to make up your mind based on the free trial alone.

At this point, I expect the vendor to start by document their results.

Secondly, they should trim down on promises which they can’t fulfill.

For example, an 85%+ win rate has never been achieved on a consistent basis.

The vendor should remove this statement and replace it with a more realistic one.

Otherwise they will remain untrusted.

Thank you for reading.

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