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New Hope EA is a Forex robot sold as a package and produced by New Hope Inc Ltd.

The company has offices in London and Dubai. Their London office can be reached through +44 7418 35 06 01 or clients can email [email protected].

The cheapest product you can buy here costs $600 but most of them are now “out of stock” except the New Hope EA bundles that cost $2,000 and $15,000 respectively.

With this kind or crazy price tag, clients can ask for a refund anytime and it’s the duty of this developer to ensure they have sufficient proof of trading performance.

For that reason they’ve provided a myfxbook account in addition to investor login credentials for our viewing pleasure.

new hope ea review website

The service was launched in April 2018 and is currently providing products in 3 different packages. The include:

NH Black Swan………………… $15,000

NH Bull………………..$2,000

NH Fix API………………$15,000

With the NH FIX API product, the company provides arbitrage trading solutions where speed of execution is paramount since individuals only trade with big banks and brokers.

The New Hope EA software is designed for both MT4, MT5 and cTrader platforms respectively.

The company also promises the “best support ever” in addition to sharing with traders their list of brokers, free VPS and best trading setups.

Is New Hope EA Legit?

This company’s myfxbook account has a number of trading systems under the “New Hope” brand.

The “most profitable” one is currently the version 1.05 of the software.

This myfxbook account trading privileges and track record have not been verified, yet “gains” are standing at +39480.8% while absolute gain is just +277.54%.

The account is no longer active.

The same case applies to all other trading systems that were included in this myfxbook account.

Gain and absolute gains are parameters that must be represented by same numbers.

Such a huge disparity simply means the vendor is cheating the system by crediting more money into their account from time to time.

The investor credentials are therefore useless since these accounts are no longer active and even if you see “profits”, it is money that was added to the account, not profits that came from the market.

Should you buy New Hope EA bundles?

No you should not.

The vendor does not appear to have reliable trading products.

Besides, their pricing is beyond what the industry is used to and there’s also evidence of cheating on their “trading results”.

Thirdly, many user reviews have indicated that this vendor is rude and frustrating.


At first I thought New Hope EA was so good that it could attract any price tag.

However, based on my analysis, I see that things are quite contrary.

The developer no longer trades their system, yet they claim to have the best trading products out there.

I am extremely disappointed by this shady project.

Despite the unreasonable price tag, the products can’t compete with some of the best and cheapest robots.

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