MoneyTradeBot Review: Scam? is the website that hosts Money Trade Bot which is a robot that connects to for automated trading.

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MoneyTradeBot is currently advertising its financial service on the internet to attract as many users as possible.

It’s developers are not known but the domain registration date shows that Money Trade bot was created in July 2020.

It simply means that the developer is new to the financial markets yet so confident in their marketing video that traders will find their “solution” useful.

The website of MoneyTradebot does not contain a lot of information about the bot in question.

It only teaches how to download the bot and connect it to one’s account.

They don’t even talk about trading strategy although there is a walk-through presentation of the software before the video finally comes to an end.

You will do well only if you invest with these recommended trading tools and resources.

But you will quickly get scammed if you go the way of quick riches.

Is MoneyTradebot legit?

The answer is no, this is not a legit bot for making money by trading binary options.

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MoneyTradebot review

Binary options are complex instruments for trading and most people who attempt to trade them lose money simply because of the nature of the asset.

Money Trade Bot claims to have a solution which it does not actually have.

The thing with this app is that it does want to connect to your account through an API so it can remotely execute trades.

There is no track record or past performance showing how Money Trade bot has always performed when subjected to the real binary options trading environment.

The developer is also offering this for free but we suspect they get a cut from your losses as well as what you deposit at

You can’t trust this vendor because you won’t be sure whether the downloads being offered for free on their website contain malicious codes that spy or affect your computer.


Stay away from this investment scam. You cannot make consistent profits with a basic robot like this one.

This is just a clever scam and nothing else.

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