Juxcapital.com Review: Jux Capital, an Investment Scam?

Jux Capital is a service that claims to offer profitable managed trading accounts where clients will earn monthly returns as high as 9.2%.

Jux Capital is even promising to credit their clients’ investment accounts with daily returns of 0.46%.

Pure financial puffery is what makes up their “audited performance page”. In fact, I am aware that the company is engaged in clever marketing strategies as is evident in how they sponsor press release articles across the internet.

Furthermore, the company is lying that their customers’ accounts are all segragated. However, there’s zero evidence to ascertain that their clients’ funds are being held in a segregated account.

Based on my background research of juxcapital.com (which is the official website of the company), it appears that these people are excellently crafty, and their language is appealing to the financially desperate.

Additional research shows that the company is lying about their regulatory status since my search at the FCA website returned zero results.

In other words, the company continues to operate out of the UK without a license from the FCA.

If you want to invest your money, the best thing you can do is to consider these trading and investing services as they are more reliable in the long run.

Jux Capital Review: The background of this company

Their website has a history that raises a lot of red flags. According to who.is, the web address Juxcapital.com was registered in 2017.

But records in the internet archives library suggest that the domain has been up for sale all this time. The current owners bought it in early 2021.

To cut the long story short, JuxCapital has not been operational as purported in their “third party audited trading performance page”.

The owners of this investment scam would like you to believe that they started trading back in 2018, yet this is completely false.

This game is being played by scams like livetrades.com. The investment charlatans prefer purchasing old domains to give the impression of time and reputation.

What does JuxCapital offer and what do they want from you?

They claim to offer fully managed investment service that use artificial intelligence to produce absolute returns.

The company also claims that they are working with highly qualified investment team.

They want their investors to know that Jux Capital is trading foreign exchange, commodity and Crypto markets for daily returns using AI.

Their strategy page says their AI technology analyzes millions of data points in order to execute trades at the best prices.

In addition to this, they claim that investors’ funds are well protected. The explanation is a bit vague as the company is talking about protection against DDOS attacks, which is irrelevant as far as investors funds are concerned.

The minimum deposit that this company wants is $1,000.

They claim to be popular as they currently serve 1200 active clients whose portfolio is worth $220,000,000.

Clients have the option to choose between “low risk account” (standard) or high risk account (dymanic).

The company fails to address whether or not lock-in periods apply to their investor’s funds.

The truth about this company

It is not a popular website for investing as Alexa shows that the website barely receives 20 visitors on a daily basis.

It is managed by 3 people (according to the profiles they’ve posted on their website). These include Richard Cullen (linkedin profile is non existent – a red flag), Jeff Mason (has worked with some unregulated investment firm) and Virat Modi.

The other truth is that Jux Capital isn’t licensed. Investors’ funds cannot be in segregated accounts if the company is not licensed in the first place.

Another truth is performance record is phony. They have not been verified by a third party like myfxbook.

Secondly, they show us results of their trading dating back to 2018 yet the company did not exist back then.

The conclusion

With all these red flags, we feel that Jux Capital is not worth recommending to the investment community at this time.

They will need to address this review by providing verifiable track record and proving that they are indeed licensed.

For the time being, we ask investors to excersise caution.

  • JUX capital is a Nigerian scam. They will shut off their website in months, after taking people’s money. They have done it in the past using different names, but the same website layout, ie. YGB capital. Their facebook page is being managed from Nigeria. They will steal your money.