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iQuandex Review: The Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme!

GOT SCAMMED by a broker? Fill out this form to schedule FREE consultation with experts who will assist you recover your funds. is a one-page website where users can login to start investing in the so-called iQuandex iQ Bot.

We already have doubts about this website and are advising the community to instead consider these reliable trading and investing services.

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Investors of iQuandex are promised various amounts of ROIs if they subscribe to any of the company’s 5 investment plans.

iQuandex offers the following “investment plans”:

1.Invest $250-$1500 to get 110%. Pay $25 upfront.

2.Invest $250-$1500 to get 150% ROI. Pay $250 upfront.

3. Invest $200-$5500 and get 150% ROI. Pay $750 upfront.

4.Invest $7500-$15000 and get 150% ROI. Pay $1500 upfront.

5.Invest $20,000-$60,000 and get 160% ROI. Pay $5,000 upfront.

There doesn’t appear to be an expiry period for these investment plans.

Also, iQuandex requires affiliates to purchase fresh membership each time they want to reinvest, plus the first option is only available once.

So in this iQuandex review, we will help you make a decision whether or not this company is worth spending your money on.

iQuandex review: Is it a Scam?

The domain of this company was created in March 2020 while promotion material on their YouTube channel is purely in Russian.

Chances are that the owner of iQuandex is coming from Russia.

They claim that the owner of this website is called Abrarov Rinat Fanozovich but a quick Google search reveals that this is not the name of an actual person.

You can search for that name but don’t be surprised if no results are coming forth.

In the company’s promotion material, they feature a guy called Denis Derkach who is also introduced as a “Crypto expert”.

Mr. Denis claims that he is from Russia but lives in California. We do not know where the truth lies because once you see these kinds of offers, you must be suspicious and not trust everything they say concerning who they are, their location etc.

Also, we see that this “Crypto expert’s” Facebook page was created recently.

This is a bit weird considering that he is advertising offers where people can become “weekly millionaires”, trading Bitcoin under his watch.

Further research into the life of Mr. Denis Derkach reveals that he’s been involved in ponzi schemes before.

In 2016, this guy promoted Vizionary MLM. In 2017, he promoted Bitclub Network and recently he is promoting Kannaway.

All of these sites are cheating people and stealing their money. So we don’t see why we should trust this “Crypto expert”.

How the scam works

Obviously this website/company does not have products and it’s also not clear whether they’re truly trading Bitcoin.

Joining costs $25 to $5,000. Once ROIs are paid to affiliates, a reinvestment into the company’s offers will require affiliates to upgrade to the next plan.

Also, compensation of affiliates will depend on what fees they’ve paid

Of course there are also ranks in membership. You qualify for Bronze membership to receive $50.

Those who qualify for what they call Grand Blue Diamond will receive $500,000.

How the scam works is that they attract victims by claiming to operate a Bitcoin trading bot that invests on their behalf.

Currently, they claim to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other popular Cryptocurrencies. neither has proof of trading nor successful investing.

If they are going to pay you, it will be money that was stolen from new victims.

In this kind of setup, the owner remains with the Lion’s share.

The reason they pay is to keep new members coming in but soon, new sign ups will dry, prompting to close down.


We do not encourage investors to join iQuandex or any similar MLM/ponzi scheme.

This is not genuine investing. Furthermore, they claim to be running a bot. We would like to see the results of this bot to believe the story.

These lies are very common on the internet nowadays. You just have to be careful because you will even find that the company in question doesn’t offer any Bitcoin trading bots.

When you see a company marketing based on recruitment commissions, you should run away as fast as you can. It is a ponzi scheme.

Also, think about it; if has a Bitcoin trading bot that makes crazy profits, they wouldn’t want to share it with you. Just keep this in mind.

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