Review: Deadly Scam! is promoting a supposedly profitable trading software called Ainstein Forex TradingĀ AI software.

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This software was designed by a company called Auvoria Prime.

Auvoria Prime is a scam that cheats victims of their money by selling them a non-profitable trading robot.

The scam that is now being promoted by first started as SilverStar Live.

Silverstar Live was basted and forced by the CFTC to pay $75k in fraud settlement.

The fraud was associated with two criminals known as Hassan Mahmoud and Candace Ross-Mahmoud.

At some point, the scheme was even known as EAconomy (this one too collapsed) and afterwards gave birth to Auvoria Prime. is now promoting a “second income generating opportunity” which is linked to the above.

In short, you can’t make money here. If you’re serious about Forex trading, you can look for these top products and services.

Is legit?

The answer is this cannot be legitimate.

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These guys are just promoting a ponzi scheme while pretending to help investors generate returns through AI trading. review

The company that Income Stream is promoting (Auvoria Prime) currently has two products.

One is an automated passive income generating opportunity costing $267 and $189 monthly thereafter.

The second supposed income generating opportunity is the company’s signals service which costs $39 per month. is possibly operated by an affiliate or member of this ponzi scheme.

They know that when they recruit victims into the scam, they’ll earn more money.

Based on their association with this shady company, we cannot recommend Income Stream and the opportunity they purport to promote.


This sales page is definitely looking for victims to scam.

By now, you should know that Income Stream is not giving anyone a second income generating opportunity but rather lying through aggressive marketing to sucker in more people.

Don’t go there as this is a clear scam.

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