Halcyon Global Review: Is halcyon-global.com a Scam?

Halcyon Global is offering traders and investors an AI machine-learning Forex trading algorithm that targets 24% returns p.a.

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To get started with this AI system, investors are required to sign up with the company’s recommended broker (One Royal… formally Royal Financial Trading).

An annual fee of 2% will apply in addition to 30% commission which is to be deducted from profits based on high watermark principle.

The website (halcyon-global.com) is claiming to offer its clients an intelligent way of creating wealth.

Their AI machine learning Forex algorithm is supposedly going to analyze over 37,000 data points in real time, and its self-adjusting algorithm is constantly responding to market movements to increase returns while reducing risk.

Halcyon Global’s Target returns are allegedly based on 3 years of testing on a live Forex account.

Halcyon Global Review ai machine learning software for Forex trading Global Review

The company has provided a one-page document showing their “trading results” based on a $250,000 AUD account.

We can’t see drawdown or important metrics such as profit factor, average win/loss and overall profitability.

In addition to this, we can’t tell whether the Forex account that is being shown to us is a live one.

We’d like to know whether these guys are truly putting their mouths where their money is.

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This is why we always insist that Forex vendors must use a statement sharing platform like myfxbook to present their results.

It encourages transparency and even makes it easier for the vendor to concentrate on developing and improving their service.

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Is Halcyon Global legit?

It is the legitimate from the perspective of the business they do.

However, we still have problems with their trading sample.

The CEO is known as Adam Truelove who claims to have a decade of experience in the Forex marketplace.

Adam appears to be operating from Sydney while his company has offices in Australia, Singapore and the UK.

The company is specializing on innovative fintech. Once investors sign up, trading will begin.

Everything is managed by this AI machine learning algorithm except when manual intervention is needed to “limit losses”.

The company is basically offering managed Forex accounts to high net worth investors.

However, what we do not like is how the service is presenting their trading results.

Basically there is no verifiable trading results to make a decision on.

Before investors commit their money to this kind of trading, there needs to be proof of successful trading.

Adam’s success as a professional trader cannot be verified either.

What we have is a document showing results that were achieved over 3 years of trading.

We would like to personally verify these figures to determine the efficacy of their AI trading system.


Managed Forex accounts are not a bad idea. However, Halcyon Global needs to work on how they document their trading results.

The service does not instill confidence at all, although the features of their software seem appealing.

We hope to update this review in the future as we keep track with the updates that we will receive from Adam’s team concerning their performance statement.

In the meantime, we don’t recommend their managed Forex account.

2 Responses to “Halcyon Global Review: Is halcyon-global.com a Scam?”

  1. Adam Truelove says:

    More than happy to chat to whomever wrote this review and show all results and discuss information

    1. TheAdmin says:

      You know where to find us if you really mean you want to speak with us, Adam.

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