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GrandCapital Consulting Group Review: Clever Scam (

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In this GrandCapital Consulting Group review, we will provide reasons as to why is a scam that you should avoid.

Currently the broker is engaging in illegal marketing tactics by publishing fake positive reviews. This is dangerous because traders will be deceived into thinking that is a legit broker.

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If you have lost money to this broker, you can file for a chargeback here. This is what all the victims who lost funds through this broker or any other Forex scam are doing to get back their hard-earned money.

GrandCapital Consulting Group is a scam

The broker is claiming to be from Switzerland. However, we cannot verify this claim as there is no evidence that they are located in this country.

The minimum investment is €250. However, if you look at the details highlighted in the account types page, you will find unusual fees for opening and closing trades.

The thieves have stated that they’ll deduct €8 to €12 trading positions. This is the most expensive kind of scam we’ve seen on the internet.

The fees are going to eat all your deposit even before you get a chance to trade with your investment.

Also, is clearly an investment scam because they state on their website that your account on the platform will be maintained by an account manager.

The scammers have not indicated what role this account manager has with regards to your trading activities. We presume that this is supposed to mean that Grand Capital Consulting Group is trading on behalf of their clients.

Traders who ‘invest’ with this shady website are also entitled to free signals and trading strategies. The effectiveness of these signals and trading strategies have not been discussed.

Basically, GrandCapital Consulting Group is assuming that they’re dealing with stupid people. This is one of the worst scams we’ve seen after Swych Group and Atlantic Holdings Inv because of how they treat investors.

GrandCapital Consulting Group review: An Unauthorized broker

This broker is clearly offering an illegal financial service since they are not regulated by any licensing authority.

If they are truly legit and are based out of Switzerland, they should have published their licensing number on the footer of the site since this is a requirement of most regulatory authorities around the world.

Displaying this licensing number lets traders and investors know that the broker is regulated and fully compliant.

As it currently stands, GrandCapital Consulting Group is an illegal investment service that makes no guarantees of safeguarding your capital.

Secondly, victims who get scammed by such an entity will be so unfortunate to have lost all their funds forever… if and only if they fail to follow these instructions.

With this kind of knowledge, shady brokers cannot steal from you and even if they do, an efficient chargeback process will work against them. Broker Review: The Conclusion

This is a very dangerous scam. It looks like a legitimate means for making money when the truth is that the faceless scammers behind it are actually planning on how to lock deny you from accessing your funds.

This broker has been around for 4 months only and we are asking ourselves how they managed to get so many reviews published in their favor.

This indicates that the broker is engaging in deceptive marketing tactics. We urge you to avoid such a shady investment entity as there is a chance that you will suffer a financial setback if you trust these crooks with your money.

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