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Atlantic Holdings Inv Review: Absurd Scam (

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Victims of this illegal investment scam are filing complaints here and recovering their lost funds. Atlantic Holdings Inv is in fact a fraudulent website that you should avoid if you don’t want to lose your investment. has incorporated a deceiving trading platform for Forex, Stocks, Crypto and Commodities because this is the only means they will use to steal your deposit.

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Actually, Atlantic Holdings Inv is pretending to be a legitimate broker that can be trusted. However, as soon as the victim signs up and transfers funds to the broker, that victim loses all their investment.

If you’ve lost money to this scam or any other investment fraud on the internet, you can file for a chargeback. The appropriate information for getting back your lost money can be found here.

Atlantic Holdings Inv Review: Broker not legit but a scam

The broker claims to be from Australia and Canada. However, they’ve refused to disclose their exact physical address. We can’t be sure whether is telling the truth on their website…. seeing that the platform is full of red flags.

The broker’s mode of operation involves promising passive returns to investors. They also claim to provide VIP account types to their clients.

For those who want to get started with this broker, a basic account type is available and the scam wants you to transfer $250 to them.

On the other hand, the passive returns account type requires $10,000. The broker is clearly targeting the financially naive.

This is the kind of fraud that brokers like Swych Corp and Leverage FX are involved in. These entities offer a trading platform as a trap for soliciting funds from traders.

In the case of Atlantic Holdings Inv, the entity pretends that they’re offering a premium type of trading and investment services. However, the people behind this entity are anonymous.

They are not willing to disclose company details or the whereabouts of the people involved in the operations of the ‘broker’.

The kind of minimum deposits that this trading platform demands is ridiculous. It is unusual to find that an unregulated CFDs broker is asking for a minimum deposit of $50,000 or above.

Unfortunately, Atlantic Holdings Inv is a shameless scam as they are more than determined to steal thousands of dollars from traders and investors who do not know better.

Atlantic Holdings Inv review: This is not a licensed investment platform

The reason this broker is not licensed is because they can’t qualify for a license since a company address would be needed.

There are other tough requirements that this broker would need to fulfill in order to get a license. However, as you can see, they are illegally operating the platform from an unverified location.

As a result, Atlantic Holdings Inv is posing a great risk to investors who don’t know the kind of agenda that the owners of this platform have.

The reason you should not trade or invest with an unregulated investment platform is because the safety of your funds will not be safe in their hands.

Scammers running brokerage platforms don’t keep your money in segregated accounts. As a result, the brokers can use your funds alongside the company’s operation capital.

Unregulated brokers such as are also not members of an insurance or compensation scheme. As a result, there’s a significant risk of losing all your funds if the company decides to go under.

Not only is this a concern, but shady brokers with no authorization from any financial regulator will always be more than willing to steal your money.

There is no consequences for them. Nothing stops them from behaving in an unethical way. This is why we don’t recommend trading with an unauthorized broker such as

The Conclusion of broker review

Avoid this scam broker because the faceless crooks are calculating and very convincing. Once you sign up, they will use your phone number to pressurize you to transfer funds to their bank accounts.

The scam is executed in such a clever way that the victim will come back to their senses once they’ve transferred thousands of dollars to the thieves.

We urge you to avoid these unregulated investment entities as they are not accountable to anyone. The broker will tell you the things you want to hear such as the amount of ROI you will earn monthly.

They will not provide proof of trading or investing in the financial markets. Their so-called passive investment account is a scam because the broker won’t provide you with verifiable investment performance.

In short, avoid this scam and if you have lost some money to this shady broker, file for a chargeback here.

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