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Leverave FX Review: Beware of Broker (big scam)

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First thing that we notice on the website is the misleading spelling “Leverave FX”. The broker is still a scam and you are supposed to avoid them like the plague.

Leverave FX is claiming to offer Forex and CFDs for trading. The minimum deposit is just $10. No successful trading can be done with an initial deposit of $10. We expect to see offering a demo account but unfortunately this is not the case. They just want your money upfront regardless of whether you are new to trading or are experienced in these matters.

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Now that Leverave FX is a scam, we recommend filing a complaint here and getting back your lost funds.

In the meantime, this review will show you why this broker is a deadly scam that you should avoid.

Leverave FX broker review: Not legit but a scam?

Leverave FX is one weird broker that does not want to disclose anything about themselves. They don’t have a name for the company that runs the shady website.

We understand that they are based out of Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Kingstown, St. vincent, P.O Box 1510 Beachmont Kingstown.

This physical address hosts 3 businesses. It seems that is lying about its presence in the said address.

What we know is that Leverave FX is an offshore broker and due to the risks involved in trading with such a broker, our best advice is that you should neither sign up nor transfer funds to the broker.

Also, we don’t understand why the broker is giving out a UK phone number, considering that they are claiming to be based in St. Vincent andthe Grenadines.

There are so many wrong things about this broker. Any serious trader will dismiss them because the broker has failed to provide proof of their reliability.

They are not transparent with their business.

If you look at their data, you will find that Leverave FX came into existence in August 2022. This means that the guys are very new to this market.

Nobody has ever heard of them until today that we found them and wrote a review of their dirty scam.

It appears that is just a fly by night brokerage. They can disappear with your money at anytime since the website is registered for a duration of 1 year.

This is one of the signs that is unreliable and cannot be trusted with customer funds. broker review: Unauthorized broker

The broker is clearly not licensed, and they present a huge risk to traders who don’t know better. The broker is illegal just like BullCFDs and EpicInvest24.

An unregulated broker such as Leverave FX cannot guarantee the safety of your funds. This is because only regulated brokers are strictly governed and required to keep their customers’ funds in segregated accounts.

This particular broker is not licensed and so all the funds that you send them will be held together with company’s operation capital. The consequences of this action is that the broker may decide to use your funds.

The other thing is that unregulated brokers don’t offer any sort of insurance on their clients’ funds. They are also very poor when it comes to handling their customers.

A broker such as Leverave FX will scam you and not face any consequences. This is because they are not regulated by any governing entity.

The Conclusion of this broker review

This is a very dangerous Forex and CFDs broker. In fact you should have nothing to do with these scammers.

Not only are they anonymous, but their site carries multiple red flags that are hard to ignore. If you are reading this and are disappointed due to having lost your hard-earned money, there is something you can do to get back the money. Visit this page and file for chargeback.

Thanks for reading this broker review

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