Review: Gold and Crypto Scam!

Welcome to review. GoldFund claims that it is sourcing capital for mining and investing in precious metals. The company is specifically targeting Crypto investors interested in buying Gold using Bitcoin.

When investors have Bitcoin in their wallets, they can purchase a token called GFun.

Eventually, investors can exchange Gfun coins into physical Gold through an exchange called Zomia Gold Exchange. When an attempt is made to “buy Gold” through the “Zomia Gold Exchange”, users end up going to a Crypto exchange integrated within the Gold Fund website. Goldfundex is the name of this Crypto exchange. It is owned and operated by

Apart from this exchange, the website has also teamed up with other shady Crypto exchanges such as (a very controversial exchange read reviews here) and P2PB2B, BytePowerX (not a well-known exchange).

As at the time of writing this Gold Fund review, the price of one GFund coin was going for $0.0014.

GoldFund convinces investors that putting their money in Gold will give them financial independence.

They’re also encouraging investors to buy GFun coins in bulk, claiming that it is tradeable on multiple exchanges and can be traded against Gold, Bitcoin or currencies like USD and AUD. review

Because this sounds like a lucrative investing opportunity, we will provide a complete analysis of the operations of this website and let you know whether it’s indeed a viable opportunity as purported on the website. review

Gold Fund is operating in Australia as Pty Ltd. It is not clear whether they’re regulated because indeed their operations require them to be licensed by the Australian financial regulator ASIC.

Anyone taking money from the public with the promise of generating a ROI should have a license.

We’ve also observed that GoldFund is operating just like Strategic Gold. While the operations of Strategic Gold seem to be straight forward (though questionable), Gold Fund’s operation seem to be more of a ponzi scheme than a true Gold investing opportunity. There are lots of questions we will ask ourselves before we conclude this review. We need to find out who is behind this company, their experience and whether it is indeed true that they’re buying Gold on the behalf of investors.

There has been cases where fraudsters take money from unsuspecting victims with the promise that they’re going to sell them Gold Bullion only to disappear with the money later on. So we need to be extremely careful. review: who owns this website?

The CEO of Gold Fund is allegedly called Tim McKinnon. His “profile” proclaims that Mr. Tim has 30 years of experience in IT, finance, engineering and media sectors.

When we cross-checked Tim’s photo, we discovered that “Tim” was actually a stock photo.

This website is literally using pseudo name to introduce their “CEO” and we feel that this does not inspire trust.

They’ve also introduced their “partners” which are not more than 2 random websites that seem to have nothing to do with Gold mining. Therefore, we conclude that is anonymously operated.

Even payment details cannot be investigated because they’re strictly dealing in Bitcoin. This is a red flag.

Gold Fund Review: How is revenue supposedly generated?

They claim that the collected capital from investors is being used to buy Gold that has not been mined.

Gfun coin holders are promised discounts of up to 30% when buying physical Gold.

Investors are also promised liquidity of Gfun coins when traded in their supported exchanges.

They claim that once the company acquires Gold from miners, they pass it off to Gfun coin holders are a discount, thus revenue is generated by possession of physical Gold. review: the questions you should ask yourself

Before you believe their story, you need to ask yourself whether actual Gold is being purchased and that your Gfun coins will get you the Gold.

If the company’s marketing materials insists so, you need to ask them what proof is there than actual physical Gold is being purchased.

Secondly, investors should try to ask what storage options are available and what guarantee the company is providing that will ensure their money is not lost.

Thirdly, we believe Goldfund should be regulated because it’s providing a financial service and promising a ROI at the end of the day in form of physical Gold.


The truth is that is your typical scam using a complex mix of Gold and Crypto to scam you.

Notice that one of the recommended “exchanges” actually belong to this company. The other affiliated exchanges are shady in nature. And of course the website does not provide any proof that Gold is being purchased.

We also need to know what drives the price of the so-called Gfun coins.

When you get into this scam, you’re likely to exchange Bitcoin (which is real money) for worthless Gfun coins.

Of course you will be thinking that you will get Gold at below market price. So you won’t resist the attempt to buy Gfun coins in bulk (meaning spending more Bitcoins).

Before you know it, you will realize that did not actually buy any Gold and that Gfun coins were worthless peace of shit that you exchanged for real money.

Thanks for reading our review. We look forward to your comment and opinion regarding this fraud.