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FxPro International Review: Scam at, Beware!

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FxPro International ( is an investment fraud. The web address ( does not even match the name of their website.

The reason for this is that FxPro International is trying to confuse investors by making them believe they are the same as FXPro Forex broker.

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By doing so, is creating a veneer of legitimacy and also scamming less careful investors in the process.

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This review assures you that FxPro International is just a scam and this is because of the following reasons: is a new site (date of registration is February 2021) yet they proclaim 14 years of experience.

2.They claim to be a team of top industry experts but in the real sense, they are faceless and even the Facebook profiles of their agents are fake.

3.No real trading at Do not expect to find an MT4 trading platform where you can trade for yourself.

4. They are not regulated by any financial watchdog and they are not registered as a company either.

5. Their location is anonymous. The website’s about us page does not provide meaningful information, just vague marketing fluff.

6. Footer of website contains links to nowhere, meaning the website is not yet ready.

FxPro International ( and how they scam investors

The idea is to scam traders and investors by creating the illusion that is trading Forex, Binary Options, Metals, Stocks, Indices and Cryptocurrencies.

They also tell investors that “trading managers” will handle all trading activities in the customers’ account.

Even if you know how to trade, FXPro International will insist that they want to help you make profits by implementing automated trading in your account.

They promise super abnormal profits as well.

I was told by one of their Facebook agents with a fake name (“Sarah Kenneth”) that if I deposit $100, I will make $800 to $900 per week.

The scammers will only deduct 20% commission.

Apart from these profits being unrealistic, one wonders why people who can turn peanuts into millions of dollars overnight would want to trade for others in return for a small commission of 20%.

If FxPro International is a real investment platform with experienced trading managers, they should probably contribute their own money for trading without desperately chasing people on social media and begging them to invest with

FxPro International claims there is no risk to investing

They are targeting newbies who think trading does not carry any risks.

If you read the FAQ of this website, you will find the promise that investing with the website carries zero risk.

But this is a total lie from a charlatan. Trading carries some risks and the best thing they should have probably showed us is their trading results. is proclaiming these returns yet they cannot show us their trading performance.

It simply sounds too good to be true and this is because a site like FxPro International is a pathetic scam.


The people that run FxPro International are using social media to target naïve but financially desperate people.

The person whose name is “Sarah Kenneth” will probably change their name to something else when they read this expose.

Ultimately, FxPro International will just remain a scam as opposed to a platform that provides legit automated trading opportunities.

There is no trading here. All they are doing is to run a ponzi scheme where some lucky investors might be lured with small returns before getting scammed a large amount.

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