Fxcartel.co.uk Review: FX Cartel a Scam?

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Fxcartel.co.uk is a Manchester-based Forex trading school that offers in person training, chart analysis and weekly trade setups.

Even though this website has a weird name, FX Cartel wants traders to believe they’re made up of “Foreign Exchange experts” who want to provide solutions that take peoples’ financial situation to the next level.

If you prefer to let a professional asset manager handle your investments, you can see this article for details. Otherwise, our review will address the quality of education provided by FX cartel and their trading performance (if any).

According to promotion materials on the FXCartel website, the vendor wants to provide proven profitable strategies and techniques to achieve this goal.

The service is operated by SEBASTIEN DUBOIS, who is the CEO and head trader.

Their aim is to bring quality education to the retail trading community.

The operators of this service can be contacted using [email protected] or through an integrated contact form on their website.

The reason we’re reviewing Fxcartel.co.uk is to let you know whether this education service is worth it since the price of their in-person, 2-day training is a whooping £1,499.

The only service that seems to be reasonably priced is their chart analysis offering which costs £89 per month.

Fxcartel.co.uk review

The team has a professional-looking website that gives a sense of hope and expectations.

fxcartel review

The website was registered in November 2017. So we expect to see some feedback from the community of retail traders whom they claim to serve.

FX Cartel has also provided a brief summary of the kind of service they offer.

Besides in-person classroom and chart analysis services, FXCartel also provides access to a trading floor and a trading book.

The in-person trading course is the prerequisite for joining their trading floor where Fxcartel.co.uk will provide the following services:

  • 4 screens setup
  • News feed where we can access Reuters terminal and Ransquawk
  • Weekly fundamental analysis and trading station available on subscription basis.
  • Access to elite community

Fxcartel.co.uk appears to offer a wide range of trading education service.

However, they’ve not disclosed the cost of joining their trading floor which we’re of course interested in finding out.

While this website looks like a serious contender for inclusion into our list of the most recommended trading services, we’re skeptic of making this move if we’ve not seen their trading results yet.

Vendor’s trading performance

It would be good to see what their trading performance looks like.

This is our prerequisite to establishing their credibility as trading educators.

We just don’t want to rely on what they say they can do for us.

So, the question is; does FXCartel have any trading results that we can check and verify?

The answer is No! We didn’t see any links that would lead us to their myfxbook account.

If a trading educator cannot prove his strategies using verifiable trading performance record, then we always assume their strategy is not effective.

Why would a supposed trading educator fail to show their students how they trade and what money they make from trading?

In fact, there is money in trading and if they have a strategy that works, we see no reason why they should not be making most of their money from the financial markets.

In the case of FXCartel.co.uk, the vendor is only interested in making money by selling trading education.

So we definitely have to question the effectiveness of their strategy.

FXCartel Customer reviews and feedback

We found glowing customer reviews on the internet. The question is whether these reviews are coming from authentic sources.

Furthermore, we noticed that all of the reviews are giving this service a 5 star rating, which is obviously too good to be true.

Every good company out there will have a healthy mix of positive reviews and negatives ones from a few critics.

Most importantly, these “reviews” are coming from Trustpilot, the infamous reputation management website that lets doggy vendors post fraudulently generated feedback as long as they pay the company.

So who do you trust?

The best way to answer this question is to do your own research.

Does the company claim to be selling trading education and strategies when they can’t produce their own trading statement?

If yes, then chances are high that the company is a scam.


We don’t see ourselves recommending FXcartel.co.uk trading education and other services.

The “reviews” from customers are not accompanied by verifiable results to conclude that they are legit.

The vendor is also not selling this service based on verifiable track record.

Yet a 2 day seminar will cost over 1000 EUR.

You have to realize that FXcartel.co.uk is taking you for a ride if they can’t answer the critical questions like “why should we subscribe?”

2 thoughts on “Fxcartel.co.uk Review: FX Cartel a Scam?”

  1. Sebastien Dubois, Director/CEO/Trader and Lamborghini driver, had similar companies before.

    SEBTRADE LTD worked 17 Feb 2017 – 31 July 2018 – dissolved
    Company number: 10626416
    Company status: Dissolved
    country of origin: United Kingdom
    incorporation date: 2017.02.17
    dissolution date: 2018.07.31 Business Type: 85600 – Educational support services

    4EX ACADEMY LTD worked 01 Aug 2017 – 08 Jan 2019 – dissolved
    Company number: 10893998
    Company status: Dissolved
    country of origin: United Kingdom
    incorporation date: 2017.08.01
    dissolution date: 2019.01.08 Business Type: 85600 – Educational support services

    Now FX CARTEL LTD working since 12 Feb 2018 active
    Company number: 11199722
    Company status: Active
    country of origin: United Kingdom
    incorporation date: 2018.02.12 Business Type: 63110 – Data processing, hosting and related activities

    Using https://brokercheck.finra.org/ FX Cartel Ltd does not appear, nor does any version of Sebastien Dubois, thus it is fair to assume, Mr Dubois is not a licensed StockBroker in the UK. He may have a business partner, or an alias, but the listed co director CLOE MAIWENN GAILLARD is also a no show on the FINRA.
    I note FINRA maintains listings for brokjers who are inactive, or who have been banned, so no trace of Mr Dubois, ever.
    Additionally they have no trace of 4EX ACADEMY LIMITED or SEBTRADE, or the previous Ltd companies listed directors.

    NOTE: Having had a previously registered company doing the same or similar, DOES NOT imply any criminality, though it DOES open up the possibility of a short term company, disappearing once complaints start to build up, etc.

    Further information of interest may be found:-

  2. They ran a forex broker affiliate scheme for years and largely is how they all made their capital because they were making hundreds for each broker sign up. Classic MLM scheme. Now because the FCA have shut down loads of companies – they put together a trading course as “education” purposes. Fact of the matter look for companies that are either regulated or have a verified independent track record.


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