FX Trading Capitals Review

FX Trading Capitals is a binary options broker where traders can allegedly take contracts and earn 95% in 60 seconds.

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Forex trading is much more stable and earning a consistent revenue is possible with the right tools compared to binary options.

Trading is available in over 100 different types of assets which also include classic currencies as well as Crypto.

In addition to this, the broker offers different types of options trading which include high/low, Boundary, One-touch and Short Term.

Minimum deposit requirement is $350. Most binary options brokers require $250 and are not operating from the US due to strict laws.

FX Trading Capitals

FX Trading Capitals also claims that it was incorporated in 2011.

Yet my investigations show that the website was launched in January 2019.

They have posted an image of their alleged incorporation certificate which suggests that the broker is based in Florida.

With the laws of the United States being very strict concerning binary options trading, I do not think operations of FX Trading Capitals broker can go unnoticed.

Is FX Trading Capitals legit

The broker promises to provide instant execution trading experience with no commission.

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They also claim that their bid and ask prices reflect those of the global market, hence traders enjoy tight spreads.

Leverage is adjustable according to a trader’s needs. They also claim to provide “cutting-edge” tools for trading.

According to FXTradingCapitals.com, cutting-edge financial tools can be anything like Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages, MACD, Parabolic SAR, Money Flow and many more.

Should you trade with FX Trading Capitals?

You should not trade with this broker at all cost.

The reason they are not legit is because they’re not regulated and they’re also lying that their offices are in Florida.

This is not the case as the broker is probably based in an offshore location and run by an anonymous person.

The minimum deposit requested by this broker is also high and suspicious.

Most binary option brokers don’t ask more than $250, yet FX Trading Capitals is asking for $350.


Binary options are not common in the United States. While there are brokers providing these trading instruments, the law requires them to be CFTC-regulated.

Unfortunately, FX Trading Capital is not CFTC-regulated. This makes it an illegal broker.

Also, the remaining few brokers who have defied these regulations have entered into loggerheads with authorities.

Scandals have broke out where victims claim they were scammed by the broker.

Therefore, you need to avoid FXTradingCapitals because this website is basically another scam.

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